Cheers to another horrible season coming

I should reroll priest or shaman, so blizzard at least give me some kind of attention. Feels so good being told by them that I’m playing the wrong spec.


So what spec are you actually playing?
WW prety busted.
BM not bad at all.
MW mediocre but playable.

There are far worse classes and spec’s out there that desperatly require attention first.

EDIT: Since you play MW… Try playing Disc priest, then you know who needs help more :rofl:

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Disc can switch to Holy though. MW feels a lot weaker than all other healers, in my opinion.

That is not really an argument though, I used to love Disco priest but I hate the way Holy priest works. So I personally wouldn’t play that spec.

Its the same argument as BM hunters having to swap to Survival for M+ because BM does no AOE dmg :man_shrugging:

Yeah, true. Let’s hope Disc and MW will get some good balance changes in DF at least. It would have been nice to get some now. Maybe healers with SL borrowed power are harder to balance than tanks and DPS.

DF alpha monk talent trees should be out soon. :crossed_fingers:

Not in raid

MW is hands-down the most forgotten/underdeveloped spec in game.

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