Chromie Time Question


This is probably an odd question, but when playing years ago i never got any character to max level, and stopped playing a long time ago getting up to level 85 on this character who is my main (Pre MoP).

Returning to my sub now, and following all thats happened with the level squish , all my exisiting characters above 10, have access to Chromie Time (the icon appears, the options to swap locations, all zones are up to 50 etc), and on all realms I have characters on, both Alliance and Horde. I obviously currently dont have any level 50 characters at the minute but am enjoying running a few characters through Chromie Time as we speak.

Tonight when creating a brand new Alliance character and getting to level 11 after I’ve completed the starter Exile chain, i’ve found that Chromie Time is not there for them, and not available in any way - She keeps saying i need to do the tour (which i`ve done) and speak to the King (which ive done) and also have completed the BfA chain up to the “Come Sail Away” achievement. - I was under the impression that this would unlock Chromie time for the character. It hasnt.

I thought maybe it was for any NEW characters from now on and going by what is noted on Blizzard information, I would have to level any exisiting character to 50 before any new character obtains the option for Chromie Time? (its essentially a new character and new characters are unable to use Chromie Time?) . However, my existing characters who were never max level, meaning they arent 50, having it along with all my other lower level characters i had, why is it that this one Alliance character cant see it?

What confuses matters even more is that I had also created a new Horde character earlier this week to start BfA ( I wanted to experience both Horde and Alliance islands) and they have access to Chromie Time so I`m totally confused (They currently arent in Chromie Time however and are in in normal BfA levels but the icon is showing in Orgrimmar and Chromie option has come up on quest board)

My brand new Horde character i created has access to it, and my brand new Alliance character does not have access to it - They both have done Exile to completion, both have done tour of city, both have done starter quests within BfA up to achievement.

im totally lost and wondered if this just simply a fairly large bug thats cropped up for my new Alliance character which i`ll need to log a ticket for?

Feeling puzzled (unless its simply a bug then that make sense)

Hi there Jaedu,

There are no known issues with this at the moment, though you can find more info and the most common situations where this can happen over in this article:

Thanks for reply Tyrskorn.

Sadly this does not really help (i`d already looked at that article via Google when doing a search)

As stated in my original post, I`ve done everything in the article ( I even had the option to skip the city tour, indicating the presence of a lvl 50 character on my account - which i dont actually have?), and completed the introductory chain up to “A Nation Divided” and still nothing. My new Horde character on the same account has done exactly the same thing, in the same order and they have access to it after.

Even with cursory search online it looks like there is a known issue with this from a number of players who are for some reason unable to get this to work, despite following the quest path after Exile’s Reach.

I dont have a level 50 character on any realm on my account, yet every single above level 10 has access to it (including a brand new Horde character), just not my new one i created last night, so there must be something going wrong somewhere?

Edit - i just quickly ran through Gilneas starting area this time with another quickly made Hunter, getting him to 10, and when checking the map of Stormwind, Chromie Time icon is available to him unlike the one who went through Exile’s Reach (the icon is not there and Chromie doesnt offer any options) - So it has to be a bug or an issue when running through Exile`s Reach and returning to capital city with something not working as intended?

Hey again, Jaedu.

Our assistance to provide support is limited on these forums and we’re not here to replace our in-game ticket system. If you feel anything is odd or wrong, I’d invite you to create a ticket and have someone from our Customer Support team have a direct look.

If you suspect a bug, please know that we are unable to directly assist with game bugs- or mechanics-related issues. However, we do have a handy in-game bug report system which will direct your report to the team responsible for addressing it.

To report a bug in-game:

  1. Press Esc or click the ? button to open the menu.
  2. Click Support.
  3. Click Submit feedback or bug report.
  4. Enter the details of the bug into the Submit a bug description box, making sure to follow the guidelines outlined on the submission form.
  5. Click Submit.

Thanks, already did that before coming to forums

You made a ticket before coming to the forums? What was the response?

Sorry, meant that i raised a bug report via the game. Have yet to raise a ticket at this point.

I would suggest you do - they may be able to see if there’s a problem with the character.