Chromie's Ultra Timelord ChronoBoon Quest (Idea). Classic Era +

Chromie’s Ultra Timelord ChronoBoon Quest. Classic Era +

Classic Era has been out for a while now and #NoChanges is as dead as can be…
It’s time now fellow adventures for these new Season Of Discovery’s beta testing servers which will be used for the future era + stuff to be welcomed with open arms. for example, the increasing amount of world buffs that it brings (BFD and more inc.).

But small baby steps first for C-Era+;
A new simple two-part quest line involving Chromie with in mind; wanting to take some of the pressure off long-time players’ shoulders. This will require some hefty work to be put in for some glorious time-saving stuff ^^.

The Quests

Chromie offers two new quests for level 60 players who have defeated every last boss of all raids. Tracking and starting from the moment this would go live of course and not counting previous kills before this patch. So newly dinged players will not have access to this and it will NOT be account-wide.

Quest 1

Obtain 4x a new drop from Every end boss including the 20-man raids.
This means a minimum of 4 Lockouts are required.

  • An added difficulty I can accept for these to drop is not having died during the raid but that’s up to you???
  • An added drop requirement I can accept for these is : doing the raid in a timely matter AKA timed runs.
  • An added difficulty i can accept is having not everyone get the drop but a fixed amount that drop for example 10 Drop in under a certain fixed amount of time, only 5 drop if slower or only 1 drops if not timed, up to you???

The Epic quality Items for example;

4x KT : Bigglesworth’s Collar (Flavor text : How Dare you touch my cat!)
4x C’thun : Suspicious Void Tentacle (Flavor text : Very Suspicious indeed.)
4x Nefarion : Black Dragon Tooth (Flavor text : A Bit big to put under your pillow.)
4x Onyxia : Onyxia’s Bones (Flavor text : These will come in handy in the future.)
4x Ragnaros : Fire Lord Pillow (Flavor text : Too Soon!)
4x Ossirian : Big blue Bird feet (Flavor text : Quite scarred if I may say so myself.)
4x Hakkar : Wings of the Flayer (Flavor text : No soul left in these)

Quest 2

Fairly simple and straightforward;
Chromie wants you to collect data on these mysterious powers gained AKA world buffs.
A Sub quest for every single World buff. (See Rewards why a different quest for each one)

Quest : Obtain These Buffs 4x on a once-per-week basis (so for 4 weeks/resets)
(Darkmoon Faire buff only Twice maybe??? idk)

Sub Quests for each of the buffs ;

  • 4x Fengus’ Ferocity
  • 4x Slip’kik’s Savvy
  • 4x Mol’dar’s Moxie
  • 4x Warchief’s Blessing (Yes alliance gets this quest too)
  • 4x Songflower Serenade
  • 4x Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer
  • 4x Spirit of Zandalar
  • 4x Boon of Blackfathom
  • 4x (Future Wbuff) SOD
  • 2x or 4x Sayge’s Dark Fortune (The buff you want can be changed and chosen at Chromie or it will remember the one you picked last time?)


So The two Ideas I have are after Quest 1 completion and after one of the sub-quests of Quest 2 is completed there is ;

1: A new boon Chromie sells for 50 gold that already has buffs stored in them at full duration depending on the completion of the Sub quests of Quest 2.
So you will need to Complete one for every single buff.
This item has a 30m Cooldown.
Refreshing and adding back the buffs you unlocked in Quest 2.

2: Or Chromie will be at the start of every raid. And will spawn somewhere near every boss after one is killed.
She will have a Dialogue option that allows her to cast all of the Unlocked World buffs onto you with a Cooldown of 30m up to a max of X (4 maybe?) amount of times until her power is used up per raid lockout …

Just an idea though, thoughts?

… in your opinion maybe.
I love Era and wouldn’t touch SoD or “Classic+” (whatever that is). Just leave Era alone please - you can write your suggestions in the SoD forum :wink:


Nochanges is dead, it’s not an opinion anymore…
A lot of things are already different and there are a lot more to come, so better be a bit more open-minded than conservatively stuck in the past and help think of ways to make it better rather than having nothing of argumentative value to say.

(PS i mean you failed to read beyond the first sentence so glhf gg wp, go post somewhere else)

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As you wrote it yourself, you should be more open-minded right? Riiight?

Also, the irony, “having nothing of argumentative value to say” then you proceeded to try to make rules in someone else house.


Exactly my point of low IQ nonsense answers ^^, thanks for making it abundantly clear what your capabilities are.

WoW has been my house since the very very start as in subbed since 2004 till now and having a big foot in every single version… trying to read beyond the first paragraph if you are able at least would be greatly appreciated and give thoughts regarding the post, thank you.

Sorry not sorry but if you’ve come to prefer fancy unicorns and QoL features so much that you now want to tinker with Era, the only toy the people who asked for finally got it, then no matter if you played the 2004 launch release, that doesn’t validate you by default to give crap pov to others on how since you did that, you should be still “entailed” to give your opinion.
Do you want changes? There’s SoD
So stop being immature like your spoiled mindset.

Sorry, couldn’t make out what you were trying to say at all here, the English language barrier seems to be extremly huge.

So could you please just not post here anymore, none of it makes any sense, and you are just spamming gibberish nonsense that has nothing to do with the post as you clearly can’t read or understand what you are reading or typing ;).

If you could get someone with a better understanding of English to help you and post some ideas and thoughts for you that would be highly appreciated.

thank you.

It’s not the barrier language being huge, but your own stupidity and immaturity to not be able to withstand a discussion with common sense. Keep believing you are the special one, because, in a sense you are.

Try and make a proper sentence just once in your life pretty please. and come back when you’ve grown up, can read, and give proper thoughts and opinions instead of random nonsense and infant gibberish.
Thanks for the Bump though <3.

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