Class Tuning - January 30th (UPDATED)


Updated: January 29th

With scheduled maintenance this week, we’re going to make some adjustments to three specs. We’re keeping a close eye on both early performance in the new raid as well as how things have been going in Mythic Keystone dungeons in Tides of Vengeance.

Our usual disclaimers apply - we may change these slightly before Wednesday:


Death Knight


  • Death Coil damage increased by 20%.



  • Efflorescence healing increased by 15%.
  • Lifebloom and Wild Growth reduced by 7%.



  • All damage and pet damage increased by 3%.
  • Developers’ note: Marksmanship damage has been a bit too low when not using Unerring Vision. With the reduction to Unerring Vision’s effectiveness, this increase brings Marksmanship up to a more appropriate overall level.



  • Mortal Strike, Execute, Slam, Overpower, and Rend damage increased by 8%.

Based on data observed since Tides of Vengeance launched, we have a number of tuning changes for Azerite traits. The goal of these changes is to improve the usability of some class traits, as well as rein in the power of some of the newer traits in a way that still preserves their core coolness. Additionally, some Azerite traits changed value dramatically with changes to specs in Tides of Vengeance, so we’re taking this opportunity to rebalance those traits as the Mythic Raid opens.


Heart of Azeroth

All Classes

  • Dagger in the Back effectiveness reduced by 10%.
  • Champion of Azeroth effectiveness reduced by 10%.
  • Treacherous Covenant effectiveness reduced by 10%.


  • Streaking Stars effectiveness increased by 15%.


  • Unerring Vision effectiveness reduced by 33%.
  • Blur of Talons effectiveness reduced by 33%.
  • Rapid Reload damage increased by 100%.
  • Feeding Frenzy damage increased by 30%.
  • Dance of Death agility increased by 20%.
  • Serrated Jaws Kill Command damage increased by 40%.
  • Focused Fire damage increased by 15%.


  • Wildfire damage reduced by 30%.
  • Equipoise damage increased by 200%.
  • Arcane Pummeling damage increased by 50%.


  • Fury of Xuen chance to spawn Xuen reduced by 33% per stack.


  • Light’s Decree damage reduced by 30%.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Light’s Decree to deal less damage than intended when your Holy Power costs were reduced by effects like Divine Purpose or Fires of Justice.


  • Searing Dialogue effectiveness reduced by 35%.


  • The First Dance haste reduced by 40%.
  • Replicating Shadows shadow damage increased by 30%.


  • Echo of the Elementals damage reduced by 33%.
  • Primal Primer effectiveness reduced by 30%.
  • Strength of Earth effectiveness reduced by 30%.
  • Igneous Potential damage increased by 150%.
  • Ancestral Resonance mastery increased by 10%.
  • Thunderaan’s Fury totem spawn chance reduced to 8% (was 10%).


  • Pandemic Invocation damage increased by 15%.
  • Explosive Potential effectiveness increased by 100%.
  • Umbral Blaze effectiveness increased by 100%.

Player versus Player


  • Gladiator’s Safeguard trinket’s absorb amount reduced by 33%.
  • Gladiator’s Emblem trinket’s maximum health buff increased by 20%.



  • All healing increased by 10% when engaged in combat with enemy players.
  • Focused Growth (PvP Talent) increases the healing of Lifebloom by 20% (was 15%).
  • Focused Growth (PvP Talent) reduces mana cost of Lifebloom by 20% (was 15%).
  • Overgrowth (PvP Talent) mana cost reduced by 25%.



  • Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot, and Steady Shot damage increased by 10% when engaged in combat with enemy players.



  • Grimoire of Supremacy increases Chaos Bolt damage by 4% per Soul Shard spent when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 8%).
  • Chaos Bolt damage increased by 15% when engaged in combat with enemy players.

As always, we’ll post here and elsewhere if the above changes, and final adjustments will be in the next hotfixes update after maintenance.

Updates from @WarcraftDevs - Battle for Azeroth
Pvp Hotfixes 26 Feb

(Meiterumi) #3

Where are the arcane changes? Right now, it is unplayable. Arcane has constantly been amongst the worst-performing specs since the start of Legion.

You can check live results from Warcraftlogs. The spec has horrible cleave, horrible aoe, and ST is good only if we stand still. The statistics show it.

Either give it a serious buff or a rework. The old mastery was much better, and Touch of the magi should work as a doom nova instead (the Prophecy of Fear trinket effect).

Browse around your forums or Altered Time. The arcane community still exists though most of them are tired and don’t care anymore.

Maintaining a good class balance is your most important task. If people can play whatever they want, they will spend more time on the game. Instead of adding boring types of content, you can make more classes viable. Being able to play anything you want is the best type of content you can add. I do not expect perfect balance, but the difference between the top and bottom specs should be lower than it is now.


id suggest to nerf assa fire mage meta and nerf death wish duration for fury warrior. 15 sec death wish is way to long especially when its fully stacked.

(Mysticdude) #5

Additional changes posted US forums.


Where is the enhancement balance changes that you need to make, so that the azerite nerfs does not destroy the class?
It seems that you forgot them in the patch notes or did you just forget them in general? Devs you do realize that you are changing a BIG part of the class without compensation anywhere else. Enhancement is a middle tier DPS right now, after nerf we will be found on the bench still recovering from your newest sucker punch.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Quite shocked to see enhancement shaman changes like this.

The spec has suffered incredibly through all of BFA, to the point where only 155 enhancers actually killed Ghuun Mythic.

We were neither viable in single target or aoe dps, and without any specific class-buffs or necessary utility for fights, we literally are only viable if we can do strong dps.

Considering how poor, and graphically small our AOE is, this dps is only ST dps, and quick target changes, perhaps 2-target cleave.

The past 6 days is the first time in all of BFA that we have been able to fill this ST glass-cannon role. We were really strong at it, and it seems the only logical place for us to be. Without superior ST dps, there is literally no reason to not just reroll a Demon Hunter, which has the same ST dmg and far superior AOE.

Finding ourselves on the receiving end of a trait nerf, and in particular for 2 traits (SoE and PP) that require taking otherwise sub-par talents for this to work, and for which target switch is quite weak (particularly SoE, due to dependance on Earthen Spike), is simply shocking.

I do not understand how this is even remotely relevant, particularly when there is once again zero changes for the superiority of Demon Hunters in general, and minor for rogues in particular (both aoe and ST).

Perhaps it is time to realise that you will have a much happier client base by fixing broken or suffering specs (either mechanically or numbers), instead of taking suffering specs that find a way to function decently like enhance, and then nerf it back into the same level as dk’s and warriors, 2 specs that arguably bring way, way, WAY more useful utility (death grip and soaking/cheesing, rallying cry) or mandatory utility (battle shout).

The 75th percentile is a good example of heroic balance. Looking at this, there is no doubt that warriors and dk’s need some love it seems, but enhance does clearly NOT need nerfs. IF anything rogue dps needs to be brought in line, as they dominate both overall damage, and damge to bosses only.

You have refused to actually do major changes (did we promise major changes? we meant major nerfs) to enhancement, even though it is mechanically pretty poor, and the numbers have not been there at all since launch, and now you nerf it. Then at least give us the same mandatory raid debuff as DH’s, so we have some form of wow-factor to bring to the raid (no pun intended).


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Wildfire nerf …big yikes zzzzZ


I think enhancement shaman should also get one button that does 50 % of our damage cough rampage cough mind sear cough etc


These enhancement shaman changes are ridiculous. Before this we had three distinct different ways we could play, with different strengths using different talents and azerite traits. None of them were out of this world OP or game breaking.
With these changes we’re pushed back into the cookie cutter talents and traits that we’ve had since the alpha.

This reeks of incompetence or complete indifference to how our spec is played.

Shame on you Blizzard.

(Bellante) #15

Add on top of that that Roiling Storm on PTR goes from stack based increased damage, to a static damage increase and it’s just awful. Roiling Storm is keeping me afloat in the nerfs (only 2.7% nerf to me boys! :/) because I only have 3xRS and 2xSoE currently, which works well with Earthen Spike, but that damage will also go bye-bye in 8.1.5.

How on earth this shameful nerf could get pushed disgusts me, and you should revert it, you’ve clearly overshot this by a mile.

And revert the patch RS, it’s awful.

Edit: I’m also Twatch above btw, don’t know why that character was selected for my post.


It was and still is painful to read the changes. It is clear that the devs have 0 knowledge of the actual state of shamans(and many other classes for that sake). They think they can normalize azerite traits without it having any impact on the rest of the class. This has the same impact as removing one DPS ring from azerite gear, and heck we know that new ring gave all classes “free” dps increase.

(Skofus) #17

if possible it would be really nice to hear the reasoning behind the nerfs to enhancement traits, as it seems really hard to find any logical reasons for this to happen.

the spec overall did not in any way do anything problematic, it was very good at 2 things, but not the best at either, while having several weaknesses. there was no risk of class stacking, or the spec severely breaking encounters.

the azerite traits nerfed did not make it harder for players to choose what builds to use, while some players will absolutely go to external sources to figure out the absolute optimal builds, these azerite traits did not make it impossible for the casual players to get value from them without resorting to external resources, in fact it seemed pretty logical to choose to use the lava lash trait with the talents that affects lava lash, as well as using the rockbiter trait with talents that impact rockbiter.

the traits did not reduce player choice by locking them into one specific build, in fact those two traits specifically was the reason that enhancement had 3 different viable builds, making nearly every talent on the specs talent tree relevant.

one problem that has often come up in bfa regarding shamans is that a lot of players simply dont like the new playstyle, blizzard heavily hinted at this changing in 8.1, which it didnt, a lot of players got angry, enough for blizzard to actually notice, and tell them that they set their expectations too high. these 2 specific azerite traits, in combination with access to an extra ring solved this, by providing players with a choice between 3 different builds, with 3 different playstyles, and 3 different strengths.

in fact, those two specific azerite traits check all the boxes for what players have been asking for azerite traits to do.


Dear Blizzard classtuners,

first of all i want to thank you the the Thunderaans Fury Trait. It´s awefull. At least i thought that we could play with 1 totem that increases our damage. Even if it´s a procc.
BUT - suddenly out of nowhere the primal primer build got highlighted through some nice Azeritetrait combinations and hell yeah - we finally got our >>>ENHANCEMENTS<<< back!

It was a pleasure to play with Primal Primer- it was fun - it was exiting because it reminds me on the Enhancement as it used to be. Like a mix between BC/WoD and Legion. Pretty much all good stuff from these expantions made it into our specc somehow. And we were finally competetive in singeltarget. We were able to reach Demonhunters in Battle for Dazzalor! We were able to stay at the same damagelevel like every other typical and always seen at the top specc.

It was a pretty lucky and happy week for me as an Enhancement Shaman. I pretty much looked forward to the Mythic Raid opening with thoughts in my mind that i finally can be at least one of the Top 5 DPS in our Raid. At Least in only Singletargets fights! But yeah. I dont´t want the whole cake at once. The one and tiny spoon of the chocolatecream wich sorounds the cake was allready enough for me. And for the last few Enhancement Shamans outside there as well. We dont want to be supergood at everything. At least i dont want it. Because i´m used to be a demonhunter then. This little sneakpeak of what our class can do this week…was soooo good. It felt just good to see 2-3 Enhancement Shamans made it into the top 100 DPS Rankings for a handfull of Bosses in BoD. And that was enough for me. Thats enough. I´m just a simple Player that enjoys it to be an Enhancement since BC. But i can´t remember actually where the last fight appears where we could see an Enhancement Shaman between the Top 100 DPS Rankings since WoD.

The back in Legion announced addonspecific classtunings for 8.1 were just confusing. They didn´t make any sense because 7/8 changes were made to talents that noone will ever use. That what all Enhancements thought.
Suddenly the PTR with upcuming BoD tuning went live and first Enhancements discovered a new world of Talents. IT ALL MADE SENSE NOW! The 8.1 Changes were good!!! With Primal Primer and Strength of Earth…the whole Changes in 8.1 were meaningfull! Everything made sense then with the combination of the right azeritetraits and finally we had an awesome Set of Talents and Traits we could choose.

3 awesome and super different playstyles. All uniquie in its own with different Types of gear. We were able to change talents for specific fights and used to take another ones for mythic+. There was so much variability…i really couldn´t imagine that this was the same classdesign for enhancement i had to get along with since BFA release. I pretty much was overwhelmed about the depth and diffencies that enhancement shaman received with the launch of BoD. There was no bluepost with classchanges, no patch for enhancement either or a hotfix to buff several things for us. Just the release of BoD with a huge viraity of awesome Azeritgear wich finally made sense in combination with the 8.1 changes.

But that belongs to the past. Today is the Mythic BoD release in EU. It was a day i was looking for since 8.1. Lorewise and gameplaywise. I felt ok with it to get no real classchanges in 8.1. I felt good with it. Maybe there will be a point in the future where more than 100 enhancement shamans will be able to kill the last Boss of a Raidtier in Mythic. All of the sudden. This point went live earlier than i thought. It was this week. Two awesome new Playstyles wich were still far away from being overpowered. They were just well designed and good.

So…please Blizzard. In hope for every Enhancement Shaman worldwide…Please undo these hard changes to something you finally done right.

Please let there be more than 109 Enhancement Shamans worldwide wich are able to kill the last boss on mythic.
Please remind yourself that just only 109 Enhancement Shamans killed G´huun. Only 109. I don´t think that there was ever such a low number on kills for an endboss for our specc.

Hope rised in my Heart this week. Hope that got smashed directly against the rough cement wall today. And that´s the 3rd time within only 6 Month you did that to Enhancements.

  1. The Announcement of no classchanges are happening in BFA for enhancement till the first major patch.
  2. The first Major Patch wich includes the “big” classchanges.
  3. The destruction of hope to get a descent damagedealer in Battle of Dazzalor with nerfing the only two traits that made us competetive by 30%.

Please blizzard. Stop this treatment of enhancement shamans like this. We already have hard days and had them in the last few month.
Please Blizzard. Let us get into the future as happy players and lucky Melee Shamans.

Please Blizzard. Bring Thrall back.



PS. From Legion expansion there is fashion for unholy, enh, feral and arms.
DH…they cry least, hmmm…

(Liaara) #23

I dont know why are you putting into the grave some specs during the mythic weak, their dependacy on traits thats your fault dear devs give them some compensation, like fire mage realy?


Damn, 200% buff?