Classes and how I would like them to be

(Seffi) #1

we all know that some classes and specs, out shine others buy a lot and some become less atractive to even play let alone get in to a group whit due to different reason, like less dps than someone else, doesnt give enough to group over other classes, and this is a problem.

now I am not familiar whit all classes in anyways and not the best at the one I play eighter in anyway or form but still.

lets start whit the ones I somewhat knows.

Hunter, from what I have seen Surv and MM is quite ok, but BM even if good dmg, the pet seems off, for example, if you go whit a tank pet it seems to not realy be able to tank anything, heck ferousios seems to tank better at times.

I would suggest that the tank pet gets more migtation to the extent that it can offtank mobs even in raids, more than 2 seconds, so it would become a support tank if so needed instead of canonfodder.

Paladin, paladin tank and healer is quite fine, but retribution even if quite good survivabilitly the dmg is little bit off, yes whit crusade up you are pure killing machine no question about it, but when on cd you dropp quite fast, due to mobilitly and lack of dmg skills.
now I am not suggesting to give paladins more dmg, becuse that would be horrible, but instead I would make them more a healer support class, where their dmg is somewhere as it is now, but instead give them more healing power as they used to, maby even make some skills heal 5 people in a 10 yard radius when you dmg the boss or mob, not high dmg but enough so it does some impact atleast, it would make things feel quite good, and would make paladins more viable in dungeons specialy M+

now those 2 I know best so now I ask what do you think of other classes and what should they be able to do, to make them feel better in some ways.

(Imacollata) #3

What do you mean these classes are fine? In comparison to the current state of the game? Cause in comparison to the game 2 expansions ago, the classes are a ghost of what used to be …


Classes are the way they are all in order to balance things around 3 vs 3 arenas and for the sake of Esport.

(Seffi) #5

I meen they are somewhat playable atleast and can do what they are supposed to do, also I did ask what others think or how they would like to se chars get, and it was just my oppinion