Classic Consequences

(Sunbursts) #21

I dunno, I don’t really LIKE the idea of using my retail game time to access Classic. I am basically paying the same money to access an outdated game and I’m not sure if I want that.

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Price: 13€
Service: one game

Price: 13€
Service: one and a half games

What’s the problem? :thinking:


The problem is that doomsayers have another fake argument to cover their statement.

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The problem is time. The more you stay in classic, the less you stay in retail. While it’s not spectacular, retail is the service that you paid for initially. Players can’t access classic unless they have an active retail sub. Some people enjoy that idea and that’s their thing I’m not against it, but for me if I pay for a service I don’t want to spend my time on the side service that just so happens to be included in the primary service edit just because everyone says it’s amazing.

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Wait what?

You basically said you won’t be able to control yourself when classic comes.

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Ppl really dont know what Vannila was. If u think that crap could kill retail u have some serious problems.

I dont really get it, why people believe that vanila is some kind of heaven of wow? Its not. Its crap.


There isn’t such thing like “retail sub” you must have active bnet account to get permission to play classic. No one has to buy BFA to play classic. Gametime is all that matters.

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I didn’t imply that. I would like to experience Classic for myself, but I don’t want to put in the TIME I paid for, into it. That’s what I’m saying.

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For the first month of Classic, yes there might be some shortage of players in BfA. A lot of people can and will play both becasue you can enjoy both for what they are. You can play one day Classic then the other day BfA. I don’t understand why some people just create this choice that you have to play one or the other. You pay once and can play either one.

Also I doubt the people that complained about lack of flying or the grinds or rng in BfA and the same time said that Classic can’t come soon enough will last long in Classic.

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Probably phrased it wrong, you’re right.

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You feel obliged to play classic because it’s included in the sub and you feel your money is going to waste if you don’t?

You don’t have to put any time in it if you don’t want to.

(Sunbursts) #32

Actually, yeah. That’s how I feel. Everyone keeps hyping up Classic to God status and I’m here like, I’d like to see it for myself, but I just don’t want to put in THAT much time into it. Probably 1-2 h a day, I don’t think I can do more, as I’ve entered during stress tests and it was sooo frustrating the leveling - mainly because of the lack of bag space and travel time between quest and vendors.

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Replied to wrong blooming topic! Edit required…

Classic will not kill BfA.

Yes every man and his dog will try Classic when it comes out, some may stay, many will return. Some will play both. Some will only play Classic. Some don’t even care about Classic and will never touch it.

Blizzard is a business and their aim is to make money. It is not in their interest to kill one game for another. This is why we are getting Classic at a time when there is little new stuff to do in Retail. The 8.2 patch is dying down, most have flying.

Classic has a battle ahead of it to prove it can hold on to people’s interests. We want it to be a success.


To be brutally honest buddy, I think BFA did an alright job killing itself.


After watching the Classic fanboys come out from their caves and show their true colors I’m actually looking forward to it. Maybe retail will be a nicer place without them stinking it up with their foul attitude. Of course I don’t mean this about them all, but quite a majority unfortunately.
Retail will live on. I doubt Blizzard would even bother with Classic if they thought for a moment it would destroy BfA, because that’s where they make bank. They won’t be able to add so much as a purely cosmetic sock in Classic WoW without the fans moaning about it to great lengths.

When did you start playing?

I can guarantee you that only few of the returning players are going to start with “retail” if they get bored by Classic.

Why? “Retail” and Classic are totally different. It’s not the same game anymore and it doesn’t attract the same audience. Hopefully the WoW Classic development team will come up with some kind of Classic+ after Naxxramas.


I think you’re severely overestimating how many Classic players are currently playing BFA to turn it into the foul landscape you think it is.


That’s the problem with these so called “classic fans”, it’s not even that many of them, but they’re so loud and obnoxious, they make up for a whole landscape :smile:


On the forums, maybe :smiley:

In the game, I wouldn’t know. I’m one of those classic fans.

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Yeah, implying retail is holding any any pop worth losing is pretty laughable.