Classic Consequences

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What are you on about? BfA was dead on launch. Cant kill it twice.


Guess it depends on the realm, but leveling alts on the more popular ones, the trade chat is nothing but classic babble and guild invites to guilds that “wait for classic”. :smirk:


this threat is full of people who obviously have never played vanilla, if you like getting everything on a golden plate with 0 effort and you enjoy 0 socializing then yeah BFA is the game for you and for the love of god stay there.


Still many times more than what all the classic servers can handle atm


BFA and Classic will function on the same subscription system, so its still a net win for Blizzard and the Dev Team whichever way players go.

Actually, this just gives a wider net for Blizzard to catch more players, really!

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Not sure if you are kidding or not, but let’s put it another way. If you replaced the couple of randoms you saw in world with bots, you wouldn’t be able to tell ^^

I know, I have tried. After we killed KT on the last pserver (ND) we decided to take a 3 month break. We knew classic was coming round the corner and in my boredom I resubbed. In these 3 months I can definitively say that the BFA consists of one thing. Cosmetics. There is no other purpose behind the game at all. You gain these cosmetics from 3 tabs - Achievements/Mogs/Mount Farm. I did not need to talk to anyone, i did not need to join mythics becuase iLvl is pointless, and I did not need a guild.

I understand that having a single point of vision makes determining things difficult. Especially if you have never felt what vanilla is like, especially in the new meta. However it’s not gona change the fact that BFA is dead, or the fact that classic is gona dominate again (like it always should have been).

It’s human nature, people get addicted to social environments and classic fosters that. Gl and hf sir.


People will return to BFA when new raids come.

I think that was always the plan. You play Classic for the full game experience, and log in to BFA as a “side game” to play raids a couple of hours per week.

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If classic killed retail then it’s a win situation
If classic didn’t kill retail then it’s also a win situation

Any outcome of the classic relaunch is a win and so it’s a win-win situation.

Think about it, you think blizzard will let retail die? no, if classic got an overwhelming number blizzard will finally understand that players want RPG back in the game.

If classic failed then blizzard would understand what is it that drew the fans soo much to classic that isn’t in retail and they will improve that.

While I don’t think I’m going to play classic I am super hyped for it tbh.

You can from watching the recent classic video about the old devs playing it see that blizzard is finally understanding that the world and adventure is what made wow, and hopefully with data gathered from classic the next expansion or the one after it will have many classic aspects that many people loved.


I really enjoy threads like this one.

Having people spreading in 2 groups , the < White Knights of Retail > and the < Tryhards of Classic > , both defending a version of the game and acting like if their own version dies or vanish versus the other one , their whole life gonna end so they gotta protect it and advertise it as much as possible.

Just play whichever fkin version you love the most , why care about what another random player gonna pick ?

Everyone and his/her reasons .


That is WoW’s meta now.

At one time people used to discuss and theorycraft different talent builds, item procs ect. Talk about how to kill various bosses, reach XX rank in PvP, ect.

Nobody cares anymore. The meta is who has the coolest transmog or that 1% droprate mount.

Some people prefer the vanity game. It is certainly not for me.


Tell me about it! As someone who likes both i feel like a divorce child watching parents fight over me. :roll_eyes:


And ofc besides parents (Retail and Classic) we have the FFXIV weeb fans appearing occasionaly acting like Child Welfare …

They are like : ‘‘Both versions/parents are bad , we gotta take the kid/player with us because FFXIV is to cool to be true’’

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Well first of all, BfA has enough fans as it is to not die because some other game appeared, let alone be killed by an old game.

Second, you think it will take many players from BfA, but did it occur to you that the players that go to Classic and keep playing it for a longer amount of time weren’t happy to play BfA in the first place? They aren’t your bots or slaves to use them to fill up some quota so your queues are faster.

Third, it’s more likely than not that a sizable portion of the Classic playerbase actually doesn’t play retail anyway, so there is no loss whatsoever bringing those players into paying a sub and playing World of Warcraft, even if not the same World of Warcraft you play. In fact, the latest report from Blizzard that detailed that subscriber numbers increased quoted two major reasons for that happening: BfA patch 8.2 and Classic Beta, which suggests that there are in fact quite a few such players that would come back for Classic.

And in the end, as someone already pointed out in the thread so far, there are three potential scenarios that can play out:

  • BfA is wildly more popular than Classic, in which case the devs will double down on BfA features because that’s what makes money for the company, and that will make WoW better for what is in this scenario the majority of it’s subscribers;
  • Classic is wildly more popular than BfA, in which case the devs will understand that some things will need to change to appeal to what is determined as a major part of the playerbase, which would make WoW better for what is in this scenario the majority of it’s subscribers;
  • neither Classic nor BfA will kill eachother, in which case we have two games for the same money we had one before.

It’s a triple win situation for World of Warcraft, no matter what happens next.



Most sold first day copies

Highest twitch numbers of all time

Dead on launch


Don’t forget about the Nostalgia population, i think most of these ppl will come back and stay.

Retail tourists however is a complete different story, hard to say that if they are going to play Classic if they will stay.

Last week i was talking with a long term wow-friend (11 years now) we both played vanilla and i asked him, are you going to play classic? His answer: Hell no! Right after that he started to make a list of all the downsides of vanilla he doesn’t want to experience again. I was able to mention a few he had forgotten about.

I made some chars myself in case i feel like playing it but for me it prolly won’t be nothing more than a tourist trip (what i’m saying now haha)

Whatever happens, happens. I do however hope that Blizzard finds the passion back for the game through Classic and starts projecting it on retail.


Wtf you talking about ?

Classic should have by phase 2 similar servers than vanilla. There are less than 70 servers worldwide atm. There were about 12k avg players per server in 2008 and 9k avg in 2005 in NA.

There should be more than 3M players in BFA.

Unless they release a dozen server after release for each region we’ll still have more players in BFA now than long term players in classic. And that’s a fact based on what we currently know of both games.

Source for my claims :

For EU/NA players (using Google trend on latin alphabet key words => unrelated to Asia players, which amounted to ~40% of the playerbase back in wotlk)
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Literally this. I’m reading this thread and I’m seriously relieved these people are refusing to play Classic - gives me hope!

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And went straight off a cliff when people experienced what it was.


Retail will still have an audience once classic releases.

Classic is for those who want an immersive rpg adventure which requires longer game sessions to enjoy.

Retail will cater to the group (large) of people with minimal time on their hands. See it as DotA or CS:GO where you can go in for short 30 min sessions and complete something.