Classic Consequences


You don’t have to be anti social to play bfa. That’s player, not game. Nothing in the game forces you to take the anti-social route. I socialise plenty via communities where I manually find groups just like “the good ole days” people prattle on about like they’re impossible to do anymore because the LFG tool exists.

Vanilla/classic does not make people social. People will play the game but it doesn’t make them social. They’ll be silent in dungeons and only say what they have to. This wierd rhetoric that groups in vanilla were full of banter and chatter and lifelong friends is false. Some groups sure, not all. Many were talking to get the group up and running and then bare minimum just to establish tactics or check something in dungeon, much like now.

Games can’t make people social. They can have a structure that benefits from people being social, but that doesn’t mean you’re made social by playing the game. The fact that I talk to my postman whenever they greet me cordially doesn’t make me a sparkling conversationalist at all. It’s the same principle, yet people act like classics login screen makes everyone all happy and social and stuff. And bfas opposite. If all of your groups in bfa have a sour social vibe, maybe it’s not the game that’s the problem.

Also, you’re doing that thing where you’re conflating time consuming with effort. Stuff In classic took ages to work towards. Time =/= effort (except pvp because it combined both) . If I have to attend a raid for 3 months where I spam 1 button and that’s it, when I get my drop is that effort? Not sure I’d use that word. Dedication? Yeah maybe. Not effort. Effort is work, hard work. Something that taxes me as an individual that some people may lack and some will share. Not taxes my ability to sit my backside In Front of a computer longer than anyone else.

Now if I want top end gear in bfa, I have to get my backside in mythic+ and mythic raids which actually require me to do something beyond pressing 1 button else the group is gonna kick me faster than you can count.
This illusion that you can get full 450+ gear via titan forged wq drops and it happens oh-so-frequently needs to die. You can get epix and blue drops from killing boars in classic some of which are bis. That’s luck based too but nobody seems to try to fathom an argument that you can get bi’s epic via luck in classic. When the chances of getting such a thing are probably higher than having a 380 item TF to 450 with a socket, and yet people talk about it like it happens every Tuesday.

Not everything in classic was “time sync sans skill”. Pvp, as mentioned, was both. But honestly look at raids now and then. I mean really?
Is gathering 40 people together at the same time all of whom have spent hours farming brainlessly to get certain mats, is that really hard raiding? Or is that time consumption? So does epics from said raid really represent a higher degree of player skill than epics from bfa higher raid tiers and mythic+? I’d argue no.


This is something that always puzzles me, when people talk about classic killing retail. Do they really think there will constantly be over 300k players per server?
I have no doubt that classic will hold itself. Its fanbase is too huge and old for it to fail unless Blizzard does something really stupid.
But I honestly can’t see that classic will have sub numbers high enough for it to be a bigger influence on retail in any way


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I’m playing ffxiv when I’m done farming mana pearls. Classic I doubt I’ll play, mainly due to the attitudes I see from the pro classic troublemakers (ie the loudmouths, rest of classic fans all good), it is offputting. And there is no dks, sorry, been dk since ulduar, I know and love the class.

However I am getting equally sick of the anti classic, anti retail and anti ff posts. It’s not even ‘I don’t like/care about x/y/z.’ It’s the need to insult while doing so, classic fanboy, retail blizz white knight, ff weeb. Is it really asking that much for people not be to so childish?

Ironically it’s this very same thing that’s discouraging me from playing it, I could probably get behind a mage or paladin, but the petty, snide crowing over retails imaged death is just pathetic. And I really doubt that these same people will suddenly become upstanding pillars of society when they log into a classic realm.


How do you mean kill when all classic is is a downgrade. Classic was beat by star wars galaxies in anyway. TBC saved WOW>


Classic is being used for three things in my kind:

  1. fan service for vanilla fans who have made their views heard for a long time.

  2. Generating revenue from private server players who want the “authentic model”.

  3. Scouting player interest in certain mechsnics/systems in today’s mmo market in order to inform future retail design.

The idea that if classic succeeds blizzard will pour their money and effort into making new content for it is laughable. This “new content” will manifest in Retail of the future. No sane company will actively promote the older version of their game to the detriment of their newer one because it only makes them look totally incompetent in doing so and essentially casts a dark curtain over years and years of their work. Classic is to check if the “classic mmo model” of grind and time is still viable and receptive with players, and if it proves to be so, 9.0 will reflect that.


When classic launches, I will be like

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ATVI earnings call and Superdata to name a few. Try and google if you can manage that.


Yeah, no. I’ve played since vanilla and I’m going to switch over to classic. It’s going to be more fun than retail. There will be no running and shooting hunters, no stupid DKs, no stupid monks, no stupid retard mobility demon hunters, no stupid unkillable healers, no stupid warriors that can’t be kited, deadzone for hunters etc.


Right, because your standpoint = every retail players.

Some will like it, some won’t.

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How do you kill that which is already dead

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yeah here is a solution for you make the game actually fun and enjoyable to play again

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Classic will breathe new life into WoW, requiring a sub will have people bounce between the two because you know it’s there.
This is why 120 boosts will most likley come through.
I think classic will do bfa good.

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Old and exciting*


I literally got from 360 to 429 in one single day with out actually doing anything than pressing a button getting teleported to a dungeon and literally doing my rotation i got so many items on a single day i was able to sell them and buy 430 +7 mythic gear,
i didn’t talk to a single person while doing so.Getting gear in bfa is a joke if you don’t include mythic raiding, people literally buy wow tokens to get 440+ gear there is 0 feeling for getting a piece of gear in bfa, my last item when i unfortunately played was 440 weapon it dropped and the feeling i had was meh okey. And as i said before if you are a casual player then YES bfa is the dream for you and what comes to titanforgin it should not be in game at all (i understand that casual people who don
t have the time to play,love bfa and its ok). Atleast i some how knew the 40 people included in the raid instead of pressing a button and getting grouped with bunch of random people.

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Vanilla WoW and Classic WoW are not the same. Almost, but not quite. One is old, the other is new.

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What are you playing in classic Jito? :blush:


if people dont want to play retail then maybe blizzard will change something.


I do not think 120 boosts will come untill next expansion… Rofl.

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I’m going to play a Female Forsaken Combat Rogue. :skull: