Classic Consequences


What has this to do with anything.

I’m going to assume your lack of addressing my other points is essentially a confirmation of my supicisions of you being very Liberal with the truth being correct.

So what was a “yeah well I got 360 to 429 in one day with no effort and bought 3 430 azerite pieces lol”

Was actually a “I got 360 to 429 in on day.”

  • I was being boosted through mythics a week before this for residuum
  • I subsequently got boosts on the same day for plus 7s repeatedly for several hours.
  • I didn’t actually buy 3 430 azerite pieces.

And this is supposed to convince us that “joe average” can speed up to 430 ilevel with no effort in bfa whatsoever because technically he can buy boosts too? I’ve seen infinitely better arguments for retail loot being low effort than this.


if i do +12h mythic dungeons 7-10+ and get all the leather loot to scrap please do the math and count if i can buy the third piece or not :smiley:


i’v seen bfa casual defending their game but this is just hilarious


Azerite gear doesn’t drop from mythic plus. Scrapping leather drops from mythic doesn’t give you residuum. You don’t even know what you’re talking about.

And we can add “armor class stacking” onto your growing list of stuff that makes hearing up to 430 in bfa a cinch huh? Unbelievable. Yes because everyone runs full armour groups all the time and regularly donates all the loot to one member.


I dunno what’s more hilarious. This comment or me “the casual” being the guy who actually hasn’t spent real money on this game for boosts because you know, whatever. Whereas you would go the effort of doing this.

Bypassing Content with real life money, yup, you’re a real hardcore player there. Keep it up. Enjoy classic. Your “buy it now” mindset is gonna totally work there.


Unless you get carried, I highly doubt thats gonna be the case.

Nobody will take a random 400 on a +10 all the time, sorry.

So for most people, its not gonna be poossible to get 440 within your state time.

You can get 1 peace of 440 from mythic, that it, thats garanteed. Perhaps if your lucky with TF maybe 2 or 3…

Good that you put your efford in, but most of us dont run 12 mythics a day multiplay days a a week. I maybe do 4 a week because I got more content to play then just that, that includes alt stuff.


please copy the sentence where i ever said i have bought boost with real money.


Imagine wanting to play BfA though.


I never said you got boosted just becausee you bought a service.

I got carried by some guild members too of mine the first couple of times I did +10’s .

But I dont get to do that 12 times a week, and people who use rIO are holding me back, sorry :wink:

(Bethaney) #110

Imagine wanting to play outdated content though

(Bethaney) #111

lol, no. Classic will be dead within 5-6 months.

(Naeya) #112

Yeah because 8.2 was totally amazing …


Yes, because the entire crux of my points rested on that being real money as opposed to in game gold.

If that’s your takeaway, then I’m afraid we’re done here.

The points stand:

  • You claim that you managed huge ilevel growth in one day, presented as a “look how ez it is!” l. You didn’t say this specifically but the context of the post it was in was clearly intending it as a criticism of how bfas gearing difficulty/effort works.

  • it becomes clear you combined a LOT of playtime with a LOT of boosting to achieve this huge gear spike, both of which are completely contrary to a low investment, casual playstyle.

  • You are still unable to articulate how you managed to purchase gear you claimed you have done, and your attempts to answer to this question show you don’t actually know what gear drops in mythics (like NOT azerite) or how to actually get residuum (ie it isn’t scrapped from random leather from mythic plus) which makes me a little bit disinclined to believe much of what you say.

And yet like oh so many posters here, you’ll bash on retail and call it x y and z when it’s frankly clear you don’t actually know how stuff in retail works, you skip/boost the content and then feel qualified to give an analysis of how the content plays out. I think I’ve got that right?

I don’t even hate classic. What I can’t abide is all of the baseless bashing on either game where there’s zero substance to such bashes and people just recycle them like they’re gospel, when they’re about as substantial as a cats fart.


Did something bite you in the butt because you seem to be on full attention and forgetting to realise that its generally true that people will check out a new patch, especially content patches.

Or … welll… you can go stay at classic tomorro, you do you, but he’s got a point.


“Come back” for and “totally amazing” are not necessarily related.

I agree that 8.2 is far from “totally amazing”, but you’d have to agree that people came back for it.

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Ha ha, but that’s not Classic.

Besides it’s all but confirmed that TBC servers are next.


Classic is mostly for the nostalgia. People will understand how bad the classic was ( sure some social aspects were better than now but thats all ) . Some classes/specs were so bad, you needed to farm consumables before every raid, good luck with grand marshal/high warlord push 24/7 your eyes out of your sockets.
Its just that BfA is so bad that make classic so good. Nothing special about it.


Wasted opportunity imo but it indeed make sense. Why dev something your players may not even want when you can give them premade content easely ?p


The classic will free us from most toxic players. Read the answers of people who are going to play wow classic. If you talk about downloading some kind of add-on, then you will be called a “stupid child” who wants to bury the “great” classic experience. And try to create a theme “I think classic will fail”, you will be sent very far right away and they will call you all nasty words. I think the classic will have the most toxic community in the world. But for retail players, this is very good news.


I don’t think the developers are able to think. Look at latest patch notes did they strike you as well thought?