Classic Countdown - 2 Days


Daily Discussion Topic:
Which dungeon are you excited to visit/re-visit?


My moms basement.


Easly BRD, can’t wait to spend hour of hours in there ^^


any part of the world

because it’s all layered :slight_smile:


Upper Black Rock Spire - Off course when we spam /trade “looking for key” /joking




BRD and Deadmines!



That place always has a special place in my heart. There is something special about it with it’s cramped yet grandiose design. I was also the healer in charge of dragging our 3 alchemists to the flask table every week.

(Miylee) #9

Wailing Caverns, Scholomance or Sunken Temple. I can’t wait to have to guide people through dungeons again.

Maybe I’ll be extra annoying and keep telling the lost people that they do not know de wae.


Blackfathom depths :+1:


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Scarlet Monastery. Loved that place, what Cataclysm did to it was absolutely criminal!


All of them :slight_smile:

(Miylee) #14

Cataclysm didn’t change Scarlet Monastery; that was MoP. Cata ruined SFK, ZG and Deadmines. MoP ruined SM and Scholomance. Warlords ruined UBRS.


To be honest, these last few weeks and seeing all the speed-levelling cheats and what not emating from a.o. people who just a short time ago were dead-set against Retro Realms for years, YT and Icy Veins and others popularizing a mindset that wasn’t so crushingly dominant in Vanilla like it has become in Current, and other indicators that Classic will be as toxic as Current, I am rethinking wether to even start with it.

So not really fantasing about which Instance I can visit before it was deliberately ruined by catering to the same kind of mindset, in fact, I expect that the first weeks it will be a veritable hell as people find out Bosses drop Greens for the most part, you’ll have to fight your way into the Dungeon in the first place, and there will be wandering Patrols that kick your just re-spawned behind.

But if I’ll forget all that for a moment:

Sunken Temple


Dire Maul. We spent so much time there to prepare for MC. Lots of good memories.

(Mbo) #17

BRD. Best damn thing ever made.


Deadmines and Scarlet Monastery for sure!


Cata also changed (I’d say ruined), on top of my head:

  • it removed all of the Keys (DM, BRD, Strath, Gnomeregan et al.);

  • Sunken Temple (lost three floors and most of the Trolls, including the bosses)

  • Wailing Caverns lost its ‘deadjump’, if you don’t jump the crevasse you no longer snuff it, and think they made the map smaller as well

  • BRD got the transporter thingy, lost most of its Quests

  • (how could I forget) Ragefire Chasm changed a bit, most notably by putting extra guards in the Shadow Cleft so it was much harder to enter RFC as an Alliance character within the item range (by the time LFD opens you could already Equip stronger Gear)

  • in general basically all Dungeon Quests were removed and replaced;

They also changed the suggested level range of a bunch of them, though if that counts as ruining is up for debate. Quite drastically in case of Scholo, Strath, Dire Maul and Maraudon, I may add.

But yeah, they did a number with the Sh*ttering, alright

(Timoris) #20

Maraudon is pretty epic, it is an adventure just to get inside!