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Who would win in a three-way brawl between Hogger, Stitches, and a Defias Pillager?

  • Hogger
  • Stitches
  • Defias Pillager

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Hogger would eat them for breakfast


If your answer isn’t defias pillager, you didn’t play vanilla.

(Ssten) #4

Pillager if all 3 are level 14.

(Hellzia) #5

Pillagers are nasty yet not nastier than that foul golem.


Westfall is managable but Redridge Mountains is the real deal

(Woofwood) #7

Stitches, unless the Pillager manages to kite. Those guys have infinite mana.


Stitches no doubt. Not only is he 2-3 times the lvls of the other 2, even all of Darkwod seems to have a problem defeating him.


Hmm care to explain. I dont rember… were they not pullable from behind objects? With los?


Stitches because he always appears behind you when you’re fighting something and ganks you!


Which Hogger can beat this awesomeness?

We are so hyped, I literally feel like I’m in love with a girl and I have a date on Monday night.


Pillager’s were doing nasty damage, but they did die pretty easily if you focused on them. Usually my deaths to pillagers were when they joined as adds when already fighting other mobs and were too far to quickly eliminate. Since Stitches wouldn’t be running to pillager while killing questmobs but in 3-way fight, he/she would naturally focus the pillager down first. He/she could easily take some beating from Hogger while killing pillager and then continue with Hogger (which i think Stitches would also win). Assuming Stitches would have enough brains to do this of course. :rofl:

(Lantiia) #13

Defias Pillager (singular) wouldn’t stand a chance, the real problem with the Defias was they were never alone, attack one and hundreds more would suddenly appear to kill you. They really were an alternative horde that no one noticed existed.


Ah I miss clicked! I thought you meant Hogger stood on Yowlers shoulders!


Pillager def


Defias …only one with better Brain.


As others have said, solo pillager is a pushover. It’s the fact they’re never solo that makes them a nightmare worse than anything the Embalmer can dream up.

Hogger is the larger target so draws the abomination’s attention from the start. He makes a commendable effort but fighting giant undead monstrosities is harder than bullying lumberjacks, so he eventually gets eaten.

The Pillager plugs away nuking Stitches the whole time with his infinite mana bar; Stitches naturally has tunnel vision so doesn’t notice what’s happening for ages, just thinks “gnoll hits hard”. When he’s chewing on Hogger’s broken corpse he finally realises there’s someone else attacking him and lumbers towards the mage, but that’s when he hears the aggro sound of another three pillagers.

By the time he’s waddled around with the chilled debuff killing those, dynamic respawns have kicked in. It’s not pretty, but the pillager army clinches it with a late round knock out.


Those dudes hit HARD. Scared already.


The Pillager would have but entitled purist whiners removed his LFG addon so he had to solo it or died spamming the trade chat, poor lad


I am a Burning Crusade kid :cry: