Classic Countdown - 4 Days


Daily Discussion Topic:
Which race and class is your first character going to be?

(Kuunmaku) #2

Mantis Male Orc Warrior in Firemaw, see you there! :smiley:

I can’t wait!!!


Troll, Community Manager…

No joke, love your work. Elf Hunter.


Forsaken Warrior is what I’m rolling at launch!


All of them


UD mage @ Pyrewood

(Wispr) #7

Hunter, dno faction or server yet…


Daaz, Troll Holy Priest, not sure in whitch server


Reckoning pally oneshotting asses


Rogue and warlock


Gnome Mage HAIP

(Miylee) #12

Orc Warrior


Human warrior, reporting for duty :smiley:


Almost certainly Forsaken Affliction warlock. Being mostly a casual solo player, how can I say no to one of the best solo classes that also gets lots of utility? S-priest is on the table as well, but I don’t think the utility is there and since every priest will be leveling in Shadow spec, it won’t be anything special.


Human paladin, Night elf hunter / rogue. Will roll all three but it remains to be seen which one gets my most undivided attention! SO excited! :smiley:


Human - Rogue - Firemaw :fire:


Agh 4 days still… :smiley:

Halaster - Human - Mage - Golemagg

Bring it! :smile:


Gnome Rogue :slight_smile:


How do I duel class in Classic? Don’t remember being able to do that? :man_shrugging:


You can because i remember being challanged to dual in the stress beta. As i remember you just rightclick of nameplate of character and select duel - but never was much of a PvP’er so might remember wrong :smiley: only know that you can at least…