Classic Countdown - Tonight!


Daily Discussion Topic:
How have you prepared for launch tonight - Will you be staying up late? What snacks will be fueling your adventures?

(Mbo) #2

Gonna sleep, wake up, check the server statuses and then decide. There are lots and lots of info i need before i jump in. I believe 6 hours after launch will be enough time to give me an idea how to proceed.


the question is! have u prepared the servers so we dont have to enjoy insane q’s?! :wink:



(Wispr) #5

idk if im rdy!!!

and ofc ill be up, took some days off

(Tyrx) #6

Only a few hours to go now and I can’t wait!
Thank you, Blizzard, for re-creating the greatest video game of all time in its best version.


Ye I am going to wait for sure.


I am working till 6pm this evening. I plan to stay up late but i just sense its going to be a lag fest lol. Also no idea out of 3 servers what to go on. Excited though i feel a supermarket run coming on for snacks ha


I wish. The release happens at about 10.30/ 11.00 for me and I have a 6 am start to work the next day…


Haha, I was thinking of sleeping well and logging in well-refreshed on Tuesday, but I’m wondering whether I will be mentally strong enough to resist staying up late tonight to start playing already. :smile:

(Timoris) #11

Make offerings and prayers to the God of queues and DDoS.


We are ready!! And you? :smiling_imp:


I am NOT prepared!

Because I woke at 3:30 this morning, going on a trip today AND I’m planning to be there at launch!
However… I did get the chance to read up on the spec I tend to level in and to get some crisps for tonight :stuck_out_tongue:

Now it’s time to pray to the Gods of the World (of Warcraft) that your servers are ready… for us! :wink:

(Anwéen) #14

probably gonna buy nuts and chocolate. maybe some soft drinks aswell.


WTB Cola and Chips!
Let the journey begins!!!


I’ll try and log in, see the size of the queue and go to bed. Living the dream.


Lets gooo duuud!


I’ll be sleeping, working till thursday afternoon. Casually lvling tomorrow night and going all-in thursday night till sunday :smiley:


Let me tell you the story of a man, who took a helluva lot of days off work.

It started back in 2017, when the game World of Warcraft Classic was announced at BlizzCon.

The man thought to himself “HELL YEEEEEEEEEEES” then proceeded to carefully prepare a list for the day when the game finally releases.

1: Buy a lot of cup noodles, (because you can’t go wrong with beef flavored cup noodles), frozen chicken wings, boil-in-bag rice (Boiling standard rice? Aint’ nobody got time fo dat!), Chips.
2: Prepare LOTS of coffee!
3: Buy a lot of soda (Sugarfree obviously!).
4: Buy a lot of water (Can’t stand tap water).
5: Make sure to set a timer for when to lock all the doors and mute the cell phone.
6: In case of an emergency, have some beef jerky ready.
7: Make sure to get a gamer’s bottle in case you’re stuck in a raid when nature calls.
8: Flip sleeping pattern around from waking up early in the morning, to waking up late in the evening.
9: Send out mesages both e-mail and text messages to everyone that you won’t be available for a very, very long time.

The man is going to bed in two hours after he finishes off his 3rd pot of coffee.



Big Pizza and Nachos and Chocolates