Classic Done Right. Will get them the subs they want


Do Blizzard actually realize if done correct Classic will bring them the subs they want. Im fairly certain there is a good size playerbase for Classic. Not as much as retail. But alot of players wanting Classic will be RETURNING players. Keyword here is “RETURNING” like myself.

Keeping there playerbase informed every few months even if its only a few minor things will keep and grow players coming back for Classic.

Even players which play Retail will give Classic a go, now if they like it thats a different matter everyone has personal preferences on what they like in there games. But vanilla was very popular.

Im just thinking over the last few days the best thing Blizzard can do is just be abit more open with there development of Classic and put down any fears of it being cancelled or put back to a later date than summer 2019.
Being open abit more means alot to some people. Transparency has more benefits than negatives.

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I think you dont know your company, Activision dont just whant your sup they whant you to give them money every day in there cash shop, so even if they got 2,3,4 maybe 5 millions sup that is not gonna satisfy them. so they probely dont think in that direction your talking about

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dont whant to hate speach but its just buissnes


Your properly correct only time will tell and i no what activision is like for microCRAPactions lol. Ive not subbed for WOW since wrath of the lich king. But im hoping to come back for classic. But seriously there is a few concerns since vanilla up to wrath which has changed just not with the game itself but with blizzard being taken over with Crappyvision or i mean activision.

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gotta explain here i dont whant it to sound like i have some thing against cash shop, for personaly i dont use them, and i can some times feel sad about ppl can get something i cant cuse im not ussing cash shop. but buissnes is buissnes and i think its a fine way for company to keep a game alive. but for me i like classic cuse its classic and it wold be sad to see a cash shop in it

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Sorry but it won’t. What shareholders are most interested are billions of revenue and many millions of players, especially Asia/China markets and mobile games or hype-games like Fortnite that make such revenue. What Activision said yesterday is that they are moving their franchises to FMCG-like mass market/mobile games (makes loyal playerbase crazy and disappointment yet it will be milkable from mass market like crazy). They will drop Diablo mobile game, then WoW mobile, maybe even something with Starcraft or Overwatch on mobile and China-compatible (Jaina nerf?).

Classic WoW even though it will have some playerbase is a complex MMORPG and has very high upkeep cost compared to like Candy Crush. It will be profitable, will scale profit with number of players but it will never be as profitable and as popular as mobile games shareholders dream about.

And if Activision would want to please shareholders with Classic WoW then you would quickly notice it with monetization added on top of it.

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Subs doesn’t make them loads of money, microtransactions does.


It’ll give them maybe 500 k “new” subs tops in the long term. Sure it’s nice but nothing remarkable. As stated the big guys are interested in the big money, naturally, and that comes from mobile games and micro transactions.


this post can be summed up to:
Blizzard should do what they have not done for months if not years and what they will obviously never do in order to get them the subs they want.

They almost never communicated about classic, we are a few months before supposed release (which date we don’t know yet), we have 0 info on development and they fire 800 community/support people which will further reduce their comunication and here you are still hoping they should communicate more to have more success.

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Actiblizz continues concentrating on big money and that leaves the market open for smaller companies who are not just about making profit but rather making good games. Then eventually the successful ones become big companies and the cycle repeats.

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it’s obvious what blizzard wants.


games for phones, nonexistant development costs, still equally big profits.

automated services so they can kick 800 employees.

sorry but subscriptions are at bottom priority, because maintaning those servers is expensive and they need to hire people for them, and they can’t increase subscription prices without losing customers.


I totally understand you guys are correct. But at the end of the day. For activision to get money from microCRAPactions they NEED SUBS first. Without there playerbase for them SUBS they cant get the money from the microCRAPPERactions. So in order for them to try and tempt us to pull out our wallets they need to tempt us to pay a sub for classic. They are not doing a very good job atm. No info on Classic, No CM replacement from yesterday etc etc. Only time will tell.

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They can always go free to pay. If they feel like it.

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All in all if Classic dont become the hyped up version that it is now, i hope blizzard make some big banners on the web side and ingame saying only `You think you do but you dont´ since thay have herd that so manny times from players

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blizzard already failed to deliver with confirmed loot trading, right click report and potential sharding outside launch.

classic can never live up to vanilla with such garbage systems in place.

and yes, we know what we want even still, it’s blizzard who refuses to even still belive it.

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