Classic ERA: Is there a guild that raids from 10 pm/22:00?

I’m wondering how lot of people can manage to raid at 19:00 or 20:00 pm if you have RL activities/kids. Anyway, is there maybe a guild out there who raids later after 9 pm in the evening?

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The typical Ulduar is around 4 hours and guilds just don’t want to spend another day on it. Don’t worry ToGC will be adventure for 20 minutes, in and out.

Thx but I mean in classic ERA.

Oh, sorry sometimes I get these reply notifications, then proceed looking for new topics and forget what sub forum I am on.

I’m in the same situation, although on Alliance side.

Any guilds raiding starting at 9pm or later?


Yeah me too on alliance side. most guilds I saw (besides some PUGS in chat) are raiding latest at 8 PM. Sometimes maybe 9 PM but also when its 9 PM you have to be ready or going at let’s say 8:30 PM you know what I mean :slight_smile: So in a perfect world (for me) would be a guild that raids 10 PM where you can start joining at 9:30 for example.

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