Classic Era now has a very real problem likely to once again destroy faction balance


Back when phase 2 first launched in classic, I was a poor lvl 51 paladin on Gehennas (horde dominated server). So I’ve seen my fair share of ganking, I “fondly” remember spending 2 hours just trying to get from ally fp into BRD. Well Gehennas became a mono-faction server, and that’s right where classic era as a whole is currently heading.

For classic era I decided to roll horde, and while the situation is not as bad as p2, guys it’s getting there. The mean-time to gank for most horde players trying to level in contested zones right now feels like <10 minutes. In places like STV and Hillsbrad, it’s probably lower than that. The current iteration of alliance players seem especially bad when it comes to this, there does not seem to be an orange/red level player, or 3vs1 group that won’t gank you (the lack of BG’s is probably making this worse).

Well we’re now starting to see players give up, quit and/or reroll. There’s really no other way to put it: Allies, you are collectively in the process of ending era wpvp and turning it all into a mono-faction game.

More people need to roll horde.
More allies need to put a pause on the “gank on sight” mentality.
Faction balance is still somewhat saveable.

That’s about it.
(I won’t be lenient to the brainlet responses bound to follow).

so are you just doomsaying or do you have actual evidence to back this up?

i really wish i could stand subjecting myself to the hell of life as a horde so i could have more people to kill (as there are more ally players than there are horde)

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From the moment you enter Stonetalon as a lvl 16-17 Horde you have lvl 60 Trash Alliance and lvl 20 odd Alliance rogues chasing after you. It’s pretty sad lol.

I think its exacerbated by lack of BGs 10-59 and Fresh 60s being terrible in 60 BGs. They turn to ganking to make ends meet. It just sucks that the Horde is consistently outnumbered by 200-400 Alliance at any hour of the day.

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It’s not just the Alliance ganking, the Horde do it too, as it should be on a PvP realm. Why else would you join a PvP realm for other than the danger? It’s almost like you are saying PvP shouldn’t happen on a PvP realm. And just so you know, World PvP is mostly ganking anyway.

If you don’t like it then all the PvE realms are connected so go play on them.

Personally I am seeing more and more players on the Firemaw group on both factions.


No, what effectively ended Era World PvP is the Chronoboon.

Because of your post i shall make sure to guard the farmers in hillsbrad once again.

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Any “proof” I can give you right now is bound to be anecdotal. It will be a while until we get our hard proof in terms of an evergrowing imbalance between faction populations.

But fact is that there is a threshold, at some point faction imbalance turns into a faction death-spiral. Somewhere ganks and wpvp turns from an annoying inconvenience into a real hinderance that destroys the game experience (I think we’re close). Then people quit, reroll or raidlog, and eventually you have too few people to even play the game with. Then it’s too late.

This happened in classic, it continued in TBC and by the time wotlk came around wpvp was already dead on the overwhelming majority of servers.

In wotlk right now there is not a single PVP server with a serviceable faction balance (anything less than 60/40), and wpvp doesn’t exist.

It all started with the exact same phenomenon that we are right now seeing on era.

Never did. Never will.

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You dont remember the servers that died during classic?

I do. Those servers that died, did so incredibly rapidly due to the combination of faction imbalance and blizzard suddenly allowing the minority faction an avenue of escape through server transfers. The horde basically just woke up one day to find that the entire ally pop was gone.

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It killed my server (Stonespine) back in 2019 when P2 came out, the Alliance were 35% and dropped off to 0%. Server got deleted in 2021 cause it was empty.

Guys. Calm down.

It is precisely because of your winds of panic that you amplify the inequalities between the factions.

Play whatever you want.

There will be no mono-faction, because there is only one playable PvP cluster.

On Sulfuron (FR Realm) there has always been 65/35 in favor of the Horde.
But being our only PvP server, we were still playing Alliance.

It will be the same here if you don’t delete all your characters by spreading your fear.

I’ve always played Alliance. Even when we were outnumbered.

And the advantage of being on a PvP server dominated by the other faction is that there is much more prey and fun in the long run.

Even though I was constantly being killed by Hordes on Sulfuron, that was part of my experience, and I wouldn’t consider leaving my faction for it.

And at least I had some fun in high-level world PvP. I was taking revenge.

It’s only on the English servers that there is this mono-faction problem. On the other European servers this is not the case, and in the US the largest PvP clusters are balanced.

Ask yourself the right questions.

And de-stress.

With a single cluster, true Horde players will rather stick with their faction than betray their comrades.

60/40 is not the end of the world.

Just play what you want.

Edit: And because of your post, you’ve probably just discouraged people from starting the adventure in the Horde.

You know what I mean when I say spreading fear.
The effect is devastating.

So if the server becomes mono-faction, it will be partly because of you.


PS : Horde players, the faction balance is 60/40. Not 70/30, not 80/20.
But 60/40. 50/50 doesn’t exist. So come and play what you want. Check the items in the AH and you will see that your faction is powerful.


I was there and it didnt happen that quickly but it started in P2, when you couldnt get to the flightmaster in IF as a ally player without getting killed by one of the 10 horde rogues who were grinding honor in IF

Well that was ment to Upright who clearly dont think that servers have died from “pvp”

doing world pvp is like declaring to everyone you have never played the game at any meaningful level. Like thats the stuff the lowest end plebs do, if u want pvp go play bgs or arena. Oh wait u never got above 2k :rofl:

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You can’t make noobs go bg where they will surely suck instead of farming brd boys for free honor.

Going to bg is like declaring that you are submissive and like to suck big black swords of naxx geared people. There is nothing wrong with world pvp

Horde just beat an AH items record tonite at 26k.

Pug v pug, we are the reigning bg faction.

We have a bigger number of lvl 60 guilds clearing content.

The chances of horde getting destroyed are close to none mate. In any case, I suggest you call for help any time you can. If you see me online, ill come and try and clear up the place.


I’m currently playing my dwarf priest (my friends wanted to main Alliance for a bit) and I was wondering if you’d show up and put me in my place for giving a couple of Horde players some grief om STV in the past couple of days. :joy:
Mind you, I’m only level 36, so these guys are on equal grounds!


Yeah, you sound like a real hero, bravely guarding the farmers of Hillsbrad from dangerous level 20 players. Without bold level 60 champions like yourself, Hillsbrad would surely descend into chaos. How dare lowbies quest in ‘your’ zone? Don’t they know this is where you come to feel powerful by trouncing gray players who can’t fight back? Kudos on finding such a gallant way to spend your time.


Poor boy, go reroll PVE.

You’re welcome.