Classic Forum Changes Incoming


Hey hey,

With the release of WoW Classic mere hours away, I wanted to provide a few updates on what will happen with the Classic sections on the forums:

  • Individual Classic Realm forums will be opened prior to launch.
  • Starting from 27th August, all WoW Classic sections will require an active subscription or game time to post in.
    • The current Classic Discussion section will also be archived tomorrow and a new one created so we start from a clean slate.
  • For now, we will not be adding Class or Profession sections for Classic. We encourage you to use the existing sections and prefix your thread title with [Classic]. We will monitor these sections over the coming weeks.

Not long to go now! :smiley:

Archived topic - why?
Ignore this... I found them

Nice, would love to see the classic forums up right now. How many hours prior to launch will they be up?





Hello, Could you inform us whether or not we will be able to post on our classic char ?

(red is dead)


Realm forums back - FANTASTIC news, thanks a lot!


WoW Classic forums should be restricted to Classic characters.
Yay or nay?

(Cendre) #7

does it mean deleted, or just locked, or moved to another section ?


What that guy said!

(Lumatar) #9

I like the intent of your suggestion, but in reality people would just create a low level classic character if they wanted to post.


Well it helps figure out faction balance when you can see which guilds are recruiting.

(Hendrick) #11


Thank Cthun for that.

(Timoris) #12

Good, good… the sooner the better!


most of that sounds great, but this little section sounds very messy, and impractical. You don’t really want people discussing retail, and classic classes in the same section. it will get messy fast.


I agree with @Warvom.

Really Blizzard, two Classic Forum subsections, 1 dubbed PROFESSIONS and the other dubbed CLASSES, isn’t a big deal so I really don’t see why you didn’t do it.


just remove the “Classic discussion”, and create “Retail discussion” section.

(Grupp) #16

Well I’ll say goodbye now then, because I have no intention of re-activating my account until at least mid-September, so there’s my posting privileges removed.

Was fun while it lasted.


‘Starting from 27th August, all WoW Classic sections will require an active subscription or game time to post in.’

(Timoris) #18

Free accounts = rmt spammers and gold sellers.


What? Are you serious? I don’t understand this company anymore… It’s like you want to be the worst.


This please.