Classic Forum Changes Incoming


I’m afraid it’s impossible until Blizzard adds Classic characters to armory or creates a special one for them. Anyways, on my personal opinion, it would be great (and with old school classic avatars, please).


Great news, I’m really looking forward to realm forums! Now just a confirmation that I will be able to post on a realm forum with the actual character I have on that realm, please?


Id go with the fact your pushing these as seperate games they require seperate subheadings.
As someone mentioned above classic and retail in one place will get messy fast and just confusing to read or find anything.

Glad realm forums make a return


Well, I know it will work. But are we really want “it will work” quality? Is it hard to do it the right most obvious way? I don’t think so.


Yay cannot wait to finally scroll through guild recruitment threads for the actual realm I’m playing on.

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Yeah I really do think we need realm forums. I was hoping they would make an appearance at some point.


Any update on when it is going to happen?


Please bring back the old classic forum


Great… and on a side note, i have reserved my names and are ready so blizzard you do not have to wait till midnight you can open servers now :smiley:


Well, I’ll go have another ticket then… as the ‘active’ part of my account has never worked properly with the forums. As of this month I can’t post on the forums (again).

So thanks for the heads up :), then I can make sure it works.


One thing you should really consider is creating class specific sections. It will be a tremendous help for players and a good way to educate and discuss your class.

I don’t really understand why not?

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*looks at clock"

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Errr Blizz… i know it’s a busy evening for you but if you could sort this for us… :wink:


Anyone on this forum Rolling Flamelash?

We need people to grow our Community in Flamelash



Hi, will we eventually be able to use our Classic character portraits to post in the Classic forums, like we can with our BFA characters now? Would be a really cool feature.


The realm forums should now be visible. :blush:

(hype intensifies)


I don’t see them yet?


Not visible, maybe they are in another shard


The Classic Realm forums should be visible above the retail Realm forums. :slight_smile:

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