Classic Fresh confirmed

No release date unfortunately but at least we got the confirmation we so desperately needed. Who’s hyped?


I saw this too, they don’t say which Classic but I don’t think it will be TBC.

We’re also working on something for WoW Classic players who’ve told us they’d like a chance at a fresh start, and will be sharing more on our plans soon.

It is for vanilla, are you going for a pvp server mate? :slight_smile:

Horde inc! Almost felt a tear haha! We probably will hear more Sept the 15th. :+1:

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While reading it two times, u might be right. Would be rly weird thought^^

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If they are doing a fresh WITHOUT World buffs and/or tunning the content a bit then i’m in.


Id play it in whatever condition, damn im hyped.


I’m so thirsty for this. Almost there lads.


WOW Classic + or bust. Make it BETTER and with newness. There is no life in the past…!

Can you cry harder? This is great news!


Woooooooooo. Hype hype hype

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Many will not lvl a new char in Classic without progressive amendments. This should NOT be just a repeat of Vanilla which merely tickled the ego’s of those that played wow at the outset. Classic (upto and inc Nax) has the potential to be one of the best and ongoing standalone MMO’s out there BUT they need to upgrade certain areas of the content. I have listed a few things but there are probably so many more things which could be UPGRADED. It really is a case of Classic + or BUST.

Hmm it seems the few things i listed were deleted.


im hyped. i know tbc better for arena and raids. but some things in classic are unique. i wanna loot my ashkandi on my hunter and i wanna smash heads when they come close to me. its possible only classic.


You are having a healthy mindset mate, screaming for death when they try todo the right thing.

Great, then you will have the 100th chance in your life of becoming a vanilla wow server VIP, because that is basically what the fresh galore is all about. Don’t let it go to waste this time.

But here’s the deal: you will end up as a complete noname, just like the last 99 times. You can’t outplay people who play for 18 hrs/day while being dragged thru life by first world welfare systems.


Haha so salty, who are you aiming at (curious) :sweat_smile:

Omg another new start :))


I love growing chars from birth to hero and I love Classic Vanilla WoW. Here’s my wishlist for a fresh server with “surprises from blizzard”:

  • Please do not change too much! Please don’t make it to a retail “light” variant.
  • Add smaller changes that will not result in another gameplay or community loss. This could be, e.g.,
    – Let me walk from Ironforge to Menethil through the hills I can see when flying.
    – Add a new Instance in Stormwind at the gate we can see for years but not reaching it.
    – Add an Entrance to the Timbermaw Hold in Azshara and give it some more story that make sense in that context.
    – Add something usefull I can use or get when I reach the highest reputation of fractions that don’t have this like the Wildhammer Dwarves (maybe some Filghtpoints I can use in addition).
    – Add the Hyjal Zone and write a great story final for the desease story line. Maybe with a new Raid at the top of Hyjal.
    – Add some more gear to make some classes work better, e.g. the Protection Paladin.
    – Add more Quests for low and mid level chars, e.g. open the Greymane Wall in Siverpine Forest. Or use other white zones of the Vanilla Map to fill with cool content.

Classic WoW has so much potential!

A no go for me:
Anything that results in less community activity, less communication with others or less complexity of the gameplay, e.g.,:

  • the Dungeon Finder Tool (my top hated feature)
  • AoE Looting
  • Transmogging
  • Guild Bank

You can already.

The rest are basically against, “Please do not change too much!”

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