Classic+ - Is there a a way to implement this where most players would welcome the changes

I’ve seen a lot of classic+ threads all with quite broad suggestions and expectations of what this might look like. I completely understand why a lot of folks are against the suggestions which would basically end up shifting classic era more into modern WOW which I certainly wouldn’t want to see myself. I’m here for the classic experience.

I’m curious though, what would be the middle ground to make everyone happy where Blizzard do build on the original experience but still retain the magic.

Somethings I would certainly like to see:

  • Class balance tweaks - Nothing major but small changes to make some classes and specs more viable

  • Expand classes in some races that are lore friendly.

  • Add an optional toggle button to switch between more modern graphics and classic era graphics

  • Add heroic versions of every dungeon in the game so they can be enjoyed end game.

  • Unused zones are made accessible with end game content like quests and dungeons.

  • Add in some new gear items that fill gaps end game for the heroic dungeons and new zones that are lore friendly. Maybe some new legendries that are super hard to farm

  • Achievements

I don’t think any of the above suggestions would break the era experience. The togglable graphics option probably been the most controversial but hopefully the fact that it would be optional would make most players happy as it can be turned on / off.


There ya go.


I find class tweaks and “expand classes” more worse, as I cannot turn that off.

Optional modern graphics were tried. Once. Made all game crash. And all zones should be remade for it to work. To see how stupid it would looks, go in Retail to Chillwind Camp (Where graphis were never updated since Vanilla) and mount on newest flying mount. Notice contrast you / trees. So darn ugly!

retoilet welcomes you with open arms, we don`t want changes.

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It’s not classic if they make those changes.


They are as much lore friendly as they can be. More will be non lore friendly. No cows warlocks, no gnome paladins sorry

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