Classic WoW Bugs I found watching


I have no Beta Access for Classic but from watching streams I think I figured out some bugs!
I am reporting only the ones I know the streamer I watched hasn’t reported or talked about.

  1. A Talking Head - (ID: 3317), used for starting Resting in Pieces - (ID: 460).
    Problem: Not having a correct drop rate.
  2. Low overall number of mobs at the entrance to Shimmering Flats.
    There should be way more mobs at the entrance to Shimmering Flats,
    scorpions, air elementals, basilisks and turtles were quite packed in these
    Problem: Low overall number of mobs

That would be it for now until I get my beta or find more by watching :smiley:!

P.S. : Sorry if I posted this into wrong section, I cannot report them in-game so I
had to find a way!

inaru :nerd_face:

Hey Inaru,

Thanks for providing this feedback, you might want to post Classic feedback in this forum in the future, as it is dedicated for Classic WoW.

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