Cloak +3 per week?

This is ridiculously so I suggest you to add +5 per week instead of 3. It is only +2 difference. Not much to say about this, but still why on earth only +3? :smiley:

This is so emberassing, the dev team!


I mean if you played the bare minimum since start of the patch then you would easily be rank 15 cloak and have some 50k ish coalescing visions left.

Right now with rank 15 cloak i only do 3 runs a week anyways, but yea i guess for catchup it kinda sucks.

But keep in mind they did put another catchup on where you can get orbs to upgrade if you kill N’zoth or do full clears for a whole extra level, which is nice.

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Oh, it’s finally possible? I’m stuck at 5 because I dislike grinding it. After I hit 15, I suppose I can buy the backpack, right?

so that you have something to farm till september.

From what I understood, until 15 you still have to go the normal way - the N’Zoth kill catch-up seems to be from 15 on only. At least that’s how I read it.

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Really? How disgusting. As long as I get my backpack at some point this season, I’m all happy.

3 per core 1 from vision 1 from raid?

I got a Malefic core from Horrific Vision yesterday. I did all 4 zone + Thrall, not sure if that is the requirement though.

That’s the requirement.

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Additional half a year of season four and Incan wear my second piece with t3 TD
Such pace much amaze

My cloak is still 12 on my raider. I am amazed of you guys being so persistent and patient.

What can I say, we courted a lady before, so this cloak is ez pz

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That’s not… No not really.

Why u bully me? :unamused:

So 3 is ridiculous but 5 is great. Roger. And you didn’t just pull that number from thin air either. It’s not like it a 66% increase at all.