Cloaked in Shadows allows Rogues to restealth with dots on them

Can someone tell if this is something intended or not? With Soulshape in the game this conduit is pure cancer. While I have nothing against absorb it shouldn’t allow to restealth.

There are so many ways to stop a rogue from restealthing. I am sure you can work something out.


Dots never broke stealth if damage was absorbed. And this conduict is needed. Rogue without restealthing is just a target dummy.


While it’s true since Rogues play NF it gives them free restealth. It’s another mechanic that is gone. Also Disc shield is way smaller than this crap.

I mean this is the expected outcome of such a conduit.

Im actually curious how it works in conjunction with kleia’s shield, since that will keep refreshing as long as you aren’t in combat effectively making you immortal if whatever is left on you can’t outdps the shield.

I mean I don’t mind Rogues extra survivability but making Rogue able to restealth with dots easily removes one very important counterplay. Chasing Rogue trying to stop him from restealthing puts you in high risk of swap anyway. This is basically mechanic removal and key change to multiple vs Rogue matchups. Rogue/Mage is still extremely potent and comp in 2s in right hands.

I don’t contest that fact but I’m just not so sure its necessarily a bad thing.
The game has changed a lot over the years. I don’t have an opinion about it yet but I definitely think jumping the gun on it being bad/too powerful is premature.

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It’s a bad thing because it’s making the game more forgiving again and since Rogue has 100% crit legendary every 30 sec you need major def CD.

And there is where I don’t agree. Just because it makes rogues able to restealth with dots on and thereby being “more forgiving” isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I also wouldn’t call it being forgiving when the whole mechanic is now that you should just restealth rather than waiting out the dots, period. Its a new way of playing the game. That isn’t inherently bad.

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It now falls to you to not just dot and forget, but to actively keep engaging the rogue if you don’t want him to restealth.

It doesn’t really change anything on higher levels of PvP where people would stealth between ticks either anyway

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It is a bad thing because there is no counter play and every restealth is huge kill potential for Rogue thanks to legendary. Even with dots not allowing to restealth most Rogue/Healer or Rogue/Mage matchups were very even but now without Resto legendary to defend my healer I don’t even stand a chance. It’s forgiving because it’s too easy to kite with dots and you don’t have to sacrifice any defensive for it. Chasing Rogue trying not to let him restealth was always risk of getting swapped so it was high risk - high reward. Now it’s just too easy to restealth.

It is the " reason " of the conduit. Since it is losing %1 absorb when you come out from stealth per second.

As you read it s not intented to do stack absorbs more. Gives the rogue oppurtunity to stealth. Don’t expect to break it with 1 flame shock dot.

Nothing was changed to my Flame Shock from Legion besides it is 5 sec CD. Rogues in Legion didn’t have this Conduit nor 100% crit legendary and they were perfectly viable. You have Soulshape anyway so why would you need Conduit anyway.

Because game is not evolving aroun PvP only. This conduit is perfect for open world / Wquests and higher M+ keystones. We also get this when we use Vanish on offensive purpose.

Then think about other defensive improvement in stealth (increased healing for example) but free restealths are just simple mechanic removal.

So what do you want to propose removing stealth from Rogues? I would not suprise after all these. Blizz is a company who listens cry babies on Rogues while other classes perfoming more OP and ignored.

PS : If they remove stealth from Rogue i won’t be amazed!

No I don’t want them to remove stealth for Rogues. For 16 years Rogues played without this conduit and they were top 3 meele specs in the game both in 2s and 3s. Removing this conduit would kill Rogue. It will make Rogue not as forgiving as it was pre Shadowlands.

Ehm excuse me? They nerfed our damage output by a largen margin 1.5 months ago. Just go back and read the patch notes please. We are nothing but CC bots now.

I would have no problems if they remove our defensives. But in return i want my Offensive pressure and dps back. Pick your choice.

All Rogue rerolled Night Fae so most of the nerfs are literally not an argument because most of them were about Kyrian spell and conduit so sorry but no. Anyway playing sub in arenas was never about burst but control. Rogue has enough damage and real problem of sub is everyone being Human/Orc so it’s harder to stun lock.

Current state of PvP and PvE is bad. Actually this exp is bad. If you want to know about SUB burst i highly suggest you to look Cataclysm 4.3.4. I m currently playing on a Private server and 2 ambushes with Find Weakness (%70arp for 10 sec) enough to melt a target. Oh and we have prep ability as well as 2 smoke bombs and 2 dismantles.