Closed beta, Why not Open Beta?


Why isn’t your last beta an open beta for all players with a subscription?


For the same reason there are closed are not open betas in general. It is not a stress test.


Game comes out in 2-weeks, you’ll live.


Come on, open beta will begin on Monday

(Dottie) #5

Isn’t it 10 days?


Would love me some open beta


10 days and around 10 hours :slight_smile:


Man, I’m having withdrawals from that last stress test. I don’t want to imagine 10 more days of playing the game and then losing a character. I’ll just power through it and wait a bit more and then get into it for real. I’ve been patient since it’s been announced and I’ve been yearning for it for years, so I can wait just this bit longer.

(Disaya) #9

They had an open beta last weekend, they just called it a stress test. An open beta would be the same thing, even if you could level higher than 15.

Perhaps they’ll do something like that next week before launch?

Btw, if people are really so interested into getting on a server, level a few levels just to have it wiped a few days later, perhaps a private server would suffice? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Uzuki) #10

Isn’t even 2 weeks at this point, more like 1.5.

(Uzuki) #11

Its 11 atm.

Well no, yeah its 10 if we’re counting the 26th 11pm for UK.

(Punyelf) #12

It counts!!!


Makes me feeeeeel good!

(Uzuki) #14

I feel torture and hype at the same time :wink:

(Mirtle) #15

Because if they did that - what’s the difference between the beta and release?
Character wipe?

And what would that accomplish? It would do no good, and only serve for many people to burn out on Classic even before release.
Even more than that - there will be people who would have levelled to 60 no problem, but because of open beta and char wipe they would give up on repeating their levelling on release.

Open beta would do no good, and only harm the game.


open beta=people will get bored out of the game earlier=blizz loosing money. simple as that!


These statements are stupid beyond comprehension.

Considering it’s beta with characters at level 40-45 rather than any lower levels, it’s more likely to give people something to be excited and look forward to, with the offering of “Oh, this is something for me to look forward to. Neat!”.

And with your logic in mind, you’re basically saying that people who do have access to the beta will not be playing the full release, because “Muh burnout”. Sorry, but if you really think that way, then you must think very poorly of people in general.

(Jaskajekku) #18

No. If I was new to WoW Classic, I wouldn’t want to be playing a lvl 40-45 beta. It would be a confusing mess and not good. You always start a new game at the beginning. Big part of the fun is to faceroll a class and discover what kind of abilities will it have, what kind of world will you face.

(Mirtle) #19

Some of them won’t.
There WILL be people who burn out on Classic during Beta, and will not want to repeat it after wipe.

If you don’t think people are like that in general - then you’re delusional.
I don’t think poorly of people. I think realistically.
People are creatures who get bored of stuff. Especially if that stuff is in many ways morally aged and inferior to modern stuff.
Some people treat old things as cool and atmospheric, and others treat them as… old.

That’s the way people are.
If you think for a moment that even half of those who’re interested in Classic will play long enough to reach 60 - you’re delusional.
Give them open beta - and you double the chances they will not reach 60. Because to them it will mean levelling to 40 - twice.

Even on these very forums, among the most vigilant and hyped advocates of Classic - there are people who will play it for 5 days, then realize that their fantasies didn’t quite match the reality, and will quit. Even among the loudest, most fanatical and most hyped people. In fact, I would say that there’d be many of people like that.
(and then some of them will come to forums blaming layering, Blizzard, the people - anything at all but not Vanilla itself for being wrong and ruining their experience)

You may be super-hyped for Classic yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that.
But you’re clearly not very good at imagining how other people work.


Good old blizzard never goes release without a good end-beta event :slight_smile: