[CLOSED] Mythic raiders LF new guild


Me and a couple of friends are looking for a new home.
We all have a whole bunch of experience raiding for years now, some back to vanilla.
We are looking for a 2-3 day raiding guild that have similar goals as we do and who want to get things done while still having a good time, aiming for at least 80% clear rate now and in the future.

So who are we?

Shandile, Disc Priest: Played since WOTLK, raided every expansion since in every role. Have experience raidleading and was the healing officer in my last guild. I’m comfortable healing with any class on mythic level.

Auramagma, Resto/Elemental/Enchancement Shaman: Played since vanilla and raided every tier I’ve played on and off throughout the wow expansions.
Have experience raidleading and been an officer in many guilds.
Got flexibility as a healer and enjoy m+ as all rolls. Tank, dps or healer.

Dirtyboss, Retri paladin: Been raiding since the start of Legion. Always played retpaladin as main. Always have ambition to kill mythic bosses and been doing so.

Toraxo, Rogue: Started raiding in WotLK and raided every expansion except WoD ( only played for about a month). Mained hunter from WotLK to Bfa and rerolled to rogue at the end of last patch.

Cyberjägaren, BM hunter: Played on and off since Wotlk. Also played on alot of private servers and recently classic. Have mostly been raiding as dps and have mained my hunter since WoD. Excluding MoP i have been raiding on the highest level since Wotlk.

Mekelemembe, Warrior dps: Mekelemembe, you can call me Meke (it makes your life easier) I’ve been playing pretty much since the game came out, I had a joint account with my brother until Wrath but we lost it, I didn’t play on retail during cata due to financial reasons. Came back to retail during MoP times but I was able to tackle raiding properly in Legion. Lots of Legion Mythic experience with CE in EN and nearly downing KJ in ToS, guild fell apart during Antorus and I had other obligations. In BFA I’ve been a raid leader in a guild formed with couple friends until end of BoD tier. For that period I’ve been tanking both m+ and raid content since I came back at the end of EP I’ve filled the spot of a DPS. I can safely say that I know my class in and out, can play most tanks (still don’t have guardian).

Discord: Shandile#4185
Battlenet: Shandile#2266

If you think we would fit in we look forward to speaking to you more!

Best regards,
Shandile and the rest.

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