COD Scamming with item of same icon

Was searching trade for Righteous Orbs at 22G each few days ago. This guy whispers me, saying he has 18 orbs and can do a discount for 350G. I’m right next to him in Org but he says he has already sent a COD. Alright, whatever. Mail arrives and I check it just in case, and hello - the item he sent is a Small Lustrous Pearl instead with same icon as Righteous Orb.
I confront him about the scam and he says something in the lines of “It’s up to the player to decide what he accepts in trade” - what the f*? This is age old scamming and this guy should be banned.
I reported him days ago but to this day he’s still clogging my mailbox with more CODs of lustrous pearls on different characters that I can’t ignore due to weird characters in name.
Is there any way to get him banned for scamming?