[Cold Weather Flying] book cant send to my alt

So i have 2 bnet accounts , mail and other Boa item could allways be send from account 1 to account 2 since its like the “same” account even Achievements and mounts are shared.
But i tryed sending my 2nd account a [Cold Weather Flying] book its telling me i can only send it to my own account

Mail is still instant delivery from account 1 to account 2

Back in the day you couldnt even have 2 accounts linked, it most likely the reason why you cant send it between accounts.

pretty sure you could send heirlooms from account to account at the end of wrath or pay to copy a toon from account A to account B if it was the same Bnet

why i mail instant between two accounts?

Why can i copy characters from BOTH accounts on the beta when only 1 account had beta? like i can copy my warrior and my heal pal from both accounts on the same beta account . It makes no sense then to not let me send the BoA book from one account to the other .
Oh and on retail mounts and achievements are even charred between both accounts

back in the days there was no level boost they added it
back in the days there was no item restoration
back in the days there was item trade window for 2 hours

Why add some quality of life changes and then take out something like that?

Ok to be honest i can think of one reason why they would remove that …
Cause botters can level 1 toon to 80 and then send cold weather flying to 100 bot accounts to fly and farm .
Fixing the bot Problem by punishing legit players is just worse since bots will just bot to 80 and do the same , or just teleport hack like they did back in classic

What I meant is that it is most likely a oversight from taking a version of the item from back then that is somehow not interacting as it should with the modern accounts, back then you still logged in with a user name to wow and not with a email.

still not working :confused: finnished leveling few hours ago and i cant send tome to my DK alt on linked acc