Combat boost spam?

Wouldnt be that much of an issue if they would still produce the physical authenticators.

It’s funny though how WoW community responds to this. When I played SWTOR, there is a mandatory authenticator app (you literally can’t play without it). They also stopped producing physical authenticators years ago and you need to have a phone that can support the app to play the game.

Yet when I wrote something negative about how this works, literally everyone started trashing me how I have no concern for account safety and that app authenticator is the best solution there is.

I removed my physical authenticator from SWTOR and can play without one last time I checked.

I recently added some game time to the account and it required from me to use authenticator in order to be able to login.

I am interested to know though how did you succeed to play without it, as I find it quite a drag to type it in every time.

EDIT: I actually googled it now and I see there’s a way to remove it. Smh I guess at least I keep my account safe due to being dumb

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Nah, you can still search and create groups. Just not write custom text.

an easy fix would be to let ppl select pre-formatted messages from a dropdown, like:
“zerg rush, no noobs”
“fast run, curved lead”
and so on

Yes, it’s a relatively old phone, but it works for everything outside of wow authenticator(at least to my knowledge). I shouldn’t need to buy a 2k euro phone to be able to play a 60 euro game, and yes, not being able to list a group means I’ll just cancel my sub.

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Is it just the description window, or also the group title? If you cannot even state the key level, then that won’t be usable for legitimate players without an autenticator.

I don’t have to enter any code every time I log in.

Ye I edited my comment in relation to this

Blizzard are basically doing this. It’s not on the PTR yet, so we don’t have details.

The key level will get added automatically in the new group finder.

Basically, with the new group finder, there will hardly be a need for a custom descriptive text.

  • Key level: will be included
  • Casual or push group: predefined tags can be used
  • Covenant requirement: well, people will be able to freely switch in 9.1.5, so maybe this can be done ad hoc

Its the custom text according to the blue. The group title is a requirement so not being able to put in anything there would prevent you from listing the group entirely outside of some world quest groups.

Oh, so that is a thing now? Neat! Didn’t know. :open_mouth:

This is probably good enough.

The fact that key level is included is good enough as is. I normally don’t write anything else anyway

They will even include a key range filter to the search UI! :exploding_head:

  • Group Finder Improvements
    • Search now allows a numeric range (i.e. search “5-9” finds M+ key levels from 5 to 9).
    • Autofill group finder information based on the creator’s keystone. The information can still be manually entered.
    • Group creators can now set a minimum Mythic+ or PvP rating requirement for applicants.
    • Group creators can now select a playstyle to set expectations for their group.

Same, but sometimes I put on weekly so that people can get their GV reward.

Okay, I didn’t know. This is awesome.

This really is awesome. I made a thread months ago about this. Glad to see it actually being implemented in the game.

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