Coming to World of Warcraft: New Sarge Mount

The Hearthstone team has just announced their new Mercenaries game mode arriving October 12, and with its introduction, Sarge is coming to World of Warcraft* as a new mount. When the new Hearthstone game mode goes live, World of Warcraft players can complete the Mercenaries tutorial in Hearthstone and then start their first bounty to automatically unlock Sarge on their World of Warcraft account.

Stay tuned to the official World of Warcraft site for more details!

*Mount not available in World of Warcraft Classic or Burning Crusade Classic.


Can we see a pic of that mount?

Mount can be found here. Link to MMOChampion Image of Mount


This reminds me of the rat from Legion Dalaran’s Underbelly a lot. Except it’s actually nicer. Definitely going to update hearthstone after that new mode comes out.

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wait so i need to play heartstone?? is it like that hearsteed mount from 2014 ?? :smiley:

I feel like history repeat itself :smiley:
WOD was released 2014
hearsteed was there in hearstone in the same year
numbers were down for wow

I feel like i’m back in 2014 xD

Is the mount available for a limited time only like the Primal Flamesaber HoTs mount?
Or will it be available forever like the Hearthsteed and we can get it at anytime we want?

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Nice and GG👍

I hate mice but thats a very pretty saddle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rats, who the hell likes rats?

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It’s cute!

yay another mount… can we please get some fun content instead of mounts pleasE?


It’s really really cute, I’m happy for Hearthstone players that get this! Maybe even a tiny bit envious.

nope no fun , even not when buying 6m sub only heartstone goodies a mount and a toy. its obvious they are looking for …

Wait wait wait wait wait wait? I have to play the RNG based boring card game to get that mount?

RNG based boring card game is a big fat red flag for me.

It’s just a tutorial.

Playing the tutorial is still asking way too much. I’m not touching that RNG based boring card game again. I tried it when it came out and that was the most depressing game I ever tried.

I get you. Not a fan of card games too.