Community Discords Program - Program Members

Good day everyone!

Below you will find a list of currently approved Community Discord Program Members and a link to their respective servers.

This list will be updated frequently, so check often to see if your favorite community has been approved!

You can learn more about the Community Discords Program here.

Discord Language Speciality Link
DungeonDojo EN “An all inclusive community that helps players grouping up for Mythic+ and raids, in a safe space” Join!
Warcraft Priests EN “The Priest Class Discord” Join!
Starship EN “A Discord Community hosting unique events, giveaways, and a weekly raid school for new raiders and alts!” Join!
ChromieDE DE “For beginners and players of any kind, here is where you get help, here is your safeplace” Join!
Accademia di Scholomance IT “This will be the perfect place for you to ask for help for all your WoW-related needs, in a safe space.” Join!
GoldGoblinNet DE “Need help with professions and want to learn how to earn some gold? join us!” Join!
GirlsGoneWoW EN “An inclusive community focussed server running casual raids and M+ content. Safe space for queer folks, beginners & more mature gamers” Join!
WoW Secret Finding & Collections EN “A Discord Community focusing on solving secrets and expanding in-game collections” Join!
Lord of the Reins EN “Mount collecting and farming community” Join!
Achievements EN “A Discord Community where you can meet like-minded completionists and form groups for various achievements and content throughout the game.” Join!