<Complex Unity> 10/10HC 1/10M Horde

Ages 18+

About Us
Complex Unity is a guild made up of veterans of the game friends and family. Most of us have been playing since Vanilla with mixed experience of mythic raiding from previous expansions. We all have full time jobs and families so we don’t expect to be raiding 12 hours a day but we do want to clear the content ahead fast and efficiently while having fun. We all love to joke around and enjoy each others company and the game but when that pull timer hits 0 or the raid leader is speaking 110% focus.

What we need

We are going into shadowlands recruiting everything at the moment but what we do expect you know your class and your willing to work to make your character the best it can possibly be.

We are looking for Strong and reliable raiders going into mythic! Looking for a Fire mage, Enhancement Shaman, Affliction warlock! Please Add my Battle tag!

Our Goal

Our goal is simple… Cutting edge.

Times and Days

The times and days below are just a guideline of what we are planning but they are subject to change.

Days: Wednesday, Sunday and Monday(Alt Raid or Keys)
Times: 20:00GMT-11:00GMT (21:00-00:00Gametime)

What we expect from you

We expect that you will be playing your class to the best of its ability this includes making sure your fully enchanted correctly with the correct Gems, making sure your professions are to the max. We expect you to make 2/3 raid days but we do understand some people work rotor patterns but we can discuss that.

If you are a person to take risks then this is the guild for you and your over the age of 18. Lets join together and build something great. reply to this thread or add me on awgaming1610#2539 or Picklechips#21492

Looking for the classes stated above plus 2 healers pref holy paladin and Disc priest

Looking for strong and reliable raiders going into mythic. LF Fire mage, Affli lock, DK, Disc priest.

Bumpety bump

Or if you would like to contact our recruitment officer - Jonny#4048 on discord

Sire down now

Bump, Still looking for Strong and Reliable raiders for our core team! We are in need of Fire mage, Affli lock, Rogue, DK and Healer with DPS OS