Conduit /Sould Bind Specs Feedback

The way the current conduit system designed makes it impossible to play all specs of your character under the same soul bind. You have to take out your conduit sockets and replace them with more optimal ones for your specialisation. Conduit energy locks you from doing that too often. That means I can’t switch specs as frequently as I want.

Ultimately such system makes an illusion of having an option. I have to play soul bind that the best for the healer, best for tank or best for DPS. That begs the question. Why don’t we have all three soul binds open right from the start and why don’t we have four of them to keep druids in mind? The situation will get even worse once we unlock an entire tree and start switching an entire tree around. Additionally, you have to be present at your soul bind altar to switch these “talents”—absolutely unreasonable restrictions.

  • I think conduits and soul bind talents should be allowed to be switched at any rest areas or under the tome. If you are in the middle of the raid and realised that you have the wrong conduit or need to play DPS/tank on the boss and wish to make some changes. That’s just inconvenient to come back every time to your base and change them.

  • I don’t think we should have “Conduit Energy” at all. I don’t understand why I have to be locked to play other specs of my character under any soul bind I want as frequently as I desire or…

  • Alternatively, you can keep “Energy”, but we should have conduits and soul bind talents attached to allocated by players spec. In an example, have a book tab at the conduit altar with 3(4 Druid) specs on the side. When I chose holy Paladin (ex. Kyrian), I have Pelagon, Kleia and Mikanikos builds for holy only so that I can switch between them situationally for healing only purposes. With the same idea in mind, when I switch to protection, I have all three soul binds allocated as I wish for the protection only, again so I can switch accordingly for the tanking purposes. This way we won’t need to switch conduits as often for every spec and only switch them situationally and won’t ruin any associated lore/restrictions. This way energy will still play a role in stopping people switching specific spec conduits too often. I don’t understand why, but if you like it a lot…

I don’t even want to think about what druid players or to be honest any other class should do if they play every spec and want different soul bind talents/conduits for each of them. The current system isn’t designed for that.

I think the proposed system would work much better than what we currently have in place. It would be easier to switch spec conduits/souldbind talents and play whatever you want at any time you want or need and always have a choice.

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