Congratulations APES BWL world 1st!

i gotta ask Nintendo to re-make Mario 90’s for me, cus i couldn’t clear it 30years ago But now I’ve been practicing for 30years AND Now I’m confident that i can clear it world first xDDD


Blizzard sh*t company, forgot to enable UBRS portal (aka main entrance) to BWL until 00:08, which made a lot of guilds (including APES) get into BWL way after. Both Calamity and Progress know apes was real 1st

So with your logic they should terminate the world cup in soccer and similar events too?

“Doesn’t matter who wins. Someone already won last time.
I don’t see why people are celebrating world champions XD.
It’s not like the content is new.”


I vote yes :smiley:

Cant agree with you on this one… however amazing their cleartime and execution is, world first was still 15 years ago:)

Were Apes first? I don’t think so. Progress and Calamity did it first.

Ahahaahaha you did not just say that… the logic behind it is really… wow…


It’s football… :roll_eyes:

Did blizzard also say “we’re sorry that the UBRS portal to BWL didn’t work for the first 7 minutes” ? Nope they didn’t. Since not everybody could enter the raid at the same time people are going to look at speed clear which makes APES first.

Progress and Calamity deep down know they weren’t world first. They will never admit it sure, but deep down they know they lost. They just got lucky because the UBRS portal didn’t work for the first 7 minutes, otherwise they would’ve been completely smashed and they know it.

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I guess a better sport analogy would be the Masters tournament, more PvE than PvP:p

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Dude, they are all in Europe so they all started at the same time. I mean wow…

Well the whole world got it at same time, not just Europe:p

What part of “UBRS PORTAL TO BWL DIDN’T WORK FOR THE FIRST 7 MINUTES” is hard to understand?

If the raid has two entrances but only one works at release and the other works after 7 minutes the race is fair?

Because you know they forgot that a 15 year old game has two raid entrances but one was bugged…

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calm down, its vanilla wow experience, no luck involved here.

edit : fanbois must be really ******* off , huh ? :smiley:

What part of “it was the same for everybody in the EU” don’t you understand?

Could I suggest you take your underwear off and remove the knot in them?

It’s not about fanboys I don’t know anyone in any of the guilds. But blizzard’s incompetence of enabling both BWL entrances at the same time made the race unfair for some guilds. Maybe other guilds would’ve won over progress and calamity if the BWL entrance from UBRS worked from the 00:00 and not 00:07.

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Well actually, I vote yes too.
It was just to prove a stupid point wrong above :wink:

Ok let’s make it simple.

There are two entrances to the raid correct?

A fair race for every guild out there is if both entrances work AT THE SAME TIME.

If one entrance works after 7 minutes the race is unfair.

Tell me any other contest where somebody starts 7 minutes later (because the organizers forgot to enable the 2nd portal to enter BWL) and the guys that started 7 minutes faster are declared winners.

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It’s unfortunate but it’s not that big of a deal. APES chose to hide in UBRS, right? Yeah Gehennas is some crazy server but they made that choice to avoid one entrance for another. It didnt work out.


But you can’t blame it on them that blizzard had a bug and the 2nd portal didn’t work in a 15 year old game. The fair race for all guilds would’ve been if both portal worked at 00:00 .

This feels unfair for all guilds that wanted to enter from UBRS at 00:00 and instead got in at 00:07 because blizzard is still an indie company in 2020.

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