Congratulations blizz you destroyed shaman as a dps specc

like whats the reason to play shaman as a dps now?ele have the worst single target and aoe right now from nearly every dps class…enh shaman?a windfury totem bot that you need to have on a raid only to buff the melee…gz blizzard!! both dps shaman specc’s were very promising when the talent trees came out but now they are at the bottom in every aspect of the game…

  1. It’s pre-patch.

  2. Ele right now absolutely nukes in AOE content.

  3. Their ST damage isn’t “bad”, it’s middle pack. Still better then both warrior specs and 2/3 mage specs.

  4. Enh isn’t even bad in Beta despite the nerfs, again it’s pre-patch…


As a shaman since WoTLK, I’m used to being in the middle tiers. Nothing surprising there. Not being the top dps doesn’t mean useless.

  1. Shouldn’t i have the 1 month of pre-patch full of fun like demon hunters and warlocks lets say?
  2. Not everyone plays shaman for ele.
  3. Don’t consider that most of the ppl care about pve. This change affected pvp very much and i doubt anything will change when we get to 70 because the stats will scale for all classes…

I feel you here :rofl:

That is true, but I reacted to a guy talking about Ele.
I also included an Enh point if you didn’t read that.

Most ppl actually PvE over PvP but that’s beside the point.

Some classes like Fire mage and Arms warrior have key talents disabled atm because we simply lack 10 points to pick them up… I am unsure about Enhantment but Elemental surely lacks some.

Thats very important thing that you said. Key talents. I dont feel like i lack any of them. Ofc i ll have some gains but not like frost dk for example that i have tested… Its just a big disappointment and its even worse because for about 1 week i believed we could have a normal expansion for us again… :frowning:

Honestly, Enhantment was a little bit broken.
But in orderly indy company fashion, they nerfed the wrong things (and to much) :rofl:

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Pretty much this. I don’t understand why people overlook Shamans utility. They look at a chart/numbers and assume we’re crap. Our utility is insanely good.

Shamans a mid pack dps, its not meta sure, but mid pack is a respectable place realistically, its just that other classes prolly need a few nerfs.

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at the bottom in every aspect of the game is lying, shaman still brings lust thats something

Not only enhancement but Restoration doesn’t feel right, these are just copy pasted legendaries and talents from BFA, Legion and Shadowlands.

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“I’m not the absolute top anymore = ruined spec.”

I mean we’re doing ok, but you seen the real speccs on aoe?

Warrior blasting 100k+ and balance druids doing 200k dps on a three target fight?

Dont see those numbers myself :,D

Btw has Lightning lasso been removed? I loved that lil spell in random pvp esp against DHs

I smell sarcasm here. Yes i assume its a perfect spell to postpone the inevitable death from a DH for 3-4 sec if he does not have trinket… I am not talking about utility but pure damage output wise…

Loving ele in pvp. Destroying everyting. I dont care about pve tho :wink:

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Lightning Lasso is part of the class tree now


I would suggest to try posting this at a later stage, since expansion isn’t out yet, it’s a waste of time to base things on how a spec performs in a pre-patch.

P.S. Don’t forget to pick aftershock, since I’ve seen it proc on Earthquake a lot!

Oh I’ve just been lucky against DHs in randoms (note I didnt say rated). Had them trinket the capacitor every time only for me to lasso them. Its funny really.

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