Conq boxes are out

ya, you heard it lads.

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I’d say better late than never but sometimes I think they’re just trolling


Personally would have preferred they did nothing and apologised. It’s unacceptable and incompetence at its finest as well as insulting towards the people who have been asking for them since day 1. If the season has anything less than a month remaining then it is a complete waste of time.


Dead Season. Durotar and Elwynn absolutely desert mode. Everybody plays Wrath, because its more fun. 8 weeks and DF here we go.

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imagine still locking them behind 1400 rating when the season is so dead and aggravating that nobody plays anyways.
3 weeks left and they still rating lock things, haha

not that 1400 is hard, but finding someone still playing this game is kinda hard


I had full conquest set on x8 chars before boxes :slight_smile:

This is just trolling from them they’re giving us conquest boxes at the end of the season when it doesn’t matter anymore lmao :clown_face:

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Incoming pvp tuning next week or so…

Too much effort

Thought I wanted conq boxes but I realised it takes about 7 wins to get a box which takes so long(

Just play double DPS then
Or 3s (lmao jk 3v3 is even more dead)

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