Conquest Changes

With The War Within, we’re removing the PvP category from the Great Vault. As a part of this change, we’ll be increasing the amount of Conquest you can earn each week and increasing the rate at which you earn it.

Here are the new weekly Conquest caps as compared to Dragonflight Season 3:

Dragonflight Season 3 Conquest Cap The War Within Season 1 Conquest Cap
Week 1 1350 1600
Week 2 1900 2200
Week 3 2450 2800
Week 4 3000 3400
Week 5 3550 4000
Week 6 4100 4600
Week 7 4650 5200
Week 8 5200 5800
Week 9 5750 6400
Week 10 6300 7000
Week 11 Conquest Cap Removed Conquest Cap Removed

Here are the new Conquest earnings for certain game modes as compared to Dragonflight Season 3. These are subject to change:

Treasure Table Name Old Value New Value
Epic Battleground - 1st Daily Win 110 125
Epic Battleground - Subsequent Win 25 30
Brawl (Arenas) - 1st Daily Win 15 18
Brawl (Arenas) - Subsequent Win 3 4
Brawl (Battlegrounds) - 1st Daily Win 40 48
Brawl (Battlegrounds) - Subsequent Win 8 10
Arena 3v3 - 1st Daily Win 45 52
Arena 3v3 - Subsequent Win 80 93
Arena 2v2 - 1st Daily Win 35 40
Arena 2v2 - Subsequent Win 75 88
Rated Battleground - 1st Daily Win 85 98
Rated Battleground - Subsequent Win 175 200
Rated Battleground - Close Loss 45 54
Arena Skirmish - 1st Daily Win 25 30
Arena Skirmish - Subsequent Win 5 6
Random Battleground - 1st Daily Win 70 80
Random Battleground - Subsequent Win 15 18
Rated Solo Shuffle - Subsequent Win 50 58
Rated Solo Shuffle - 1st Daily Win 100 115
Rated Battleground Blitz – Close Loss 25 30
Rated Battleground Blitz - Subsequent Win 50 58
Rated Battleground Blitz - 1st Daily Win 100 115

I am sorry but, the numbers of these changes is way too small, i believe many of us were expecting with the removal of the vault for pvp, that we would get double on conquest each week, because to my knowledge no one is going to buy that gear for PVE anyways so the fear of PVEers having to PVP at the beginning of the season is not there.

The cap in fact should get bigger each week, if the cap is being increased by 525 conuqest each week, every week the increase should go higher and higher i feel like.

But these numbers are very very very low and on top of that we potentially lose 10 items from the vault. The numbers really need to go up.

For each week that we lose vault and an item, the cap should provide at least 875 (outside of weapons) additional conquest so we can buy 2 items per week, each week we should be able to buy 2 items wether that is 2 items of 875 conquest or 525, should not matter. Wasn’t the point to have more control over what you buy, so that is the point of removing the vault?

Another solutions could be lowering the weeks of gearing, instead of having 10 weeks before cap removal, it could be after week 7, right on week 8 conquest cap gets removed and conquest boxes get added so now we have freedom, of course, by lowering the weeks of gearing the conquest must be higher then, which means, perhaps you get to buy 3 items per week.

I am sorry guys but this is dissapointing a bit in terms of numbers. I truely believe we should be able to buy more items per week, each week.


Agree with my man Vezir here, those Numbers are way too small, having a bit more in the first Week is nice and all, but it shouldnt increase by 600, you can barely get 1 offpiece item (ring/neck/wrist) per week with this.
Removing PvP from vault is good, i agree with that, but this is just too little.
Probably better to increase it to 900/1k per week, atleast you can buy atleast 1 item with it per week.
As it stands, were gonna have less Gear than we did before TWW.


Unless I was super unlucky, I usually got 3-4 items from the vault in the first month of a PVP season.

With the proposed changes, after 4 weeks of playing, I’d have 400 more conquest, which is not enough to even buy a ring! This is way way less than several extra items!

Week 7 would be the first week I’d have extra conquest for a smallest piece compared to before.

Also, how would we buy sockets now? I don’t want to do delves! This is very important for me - I don’t want to do PVE to have normal PVP gear acquisition.


Sockets can be added to PvP using the special Vicious Jeweler’s Setting, purchased for Honor or Vicious Bloodstone, or obtained from match victories and certain War Mode activities.

We could just keep DF gearing system which caused no problems. Instead, let’s make 2 steps back and return to BFA. Spamming m+ for versa gear, join raids for set pieces and capping vault for a chance of bis gear. Really, the new system seems awful no matter the " free "weapons , the acquisition of sockets and the new reagents for craft. They could be added to the existing system imo. Finally, we could have the vault as is now with the 4th option of delves.