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I was doing Onyxias Lair and the quest “The forging of Quel’Serrar” and i put the old ancient blade under Onyxias breath and saw the Tempered blade appear infront of me. However, i died later on in the fight and the blade dissapeared infront of me while i was waiting to be ressurected. Please help me out here.

Why is it IMPOSSIBLE to get in touch with Blizzard support, or even type a damn ticket. Am i missing something here? No more Gm’s or Emails or Live support chat? I am so frustrated and dissapointed. Blizzard has the by far worst support page i’ve ever encountered

Dude are you dumb? Of course there’s no one in the live support offices, the world is in lockdown.

It does that by design, if you die &/or wipe before looting the blade it despawns.

You will need to abandon the quest and pick it up again in DM for another attempt.

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