Continously loosing connection


For some reason during this morning I keep completely loosing connection to wow-EU servers, but nothing else seems to have issues with my connection.

I setup a ping-test against the 3 main servers and they all start timing out at the same time and some other ping’s keep working fine (like and some other random swedish sites).

These are the 3 servers I ping-test, I cant copy-paste the pathping text (“not allowed to post links”).


Same issue. Just lost connection whilst reading this post, as it happens. Everything else with my internet is working perfectly


removed trace.


Same problem here, started this morning, could barely access the forums, and gotten dc’d like 3-4 times now.


Same problem here. Started yesterday and continues…


Same issue. But this doesn’t only affect WoW for me. It’s also affecting the BattleNet launcher as I keep getting logged out from that service.


Me to. 3-4 times now last 30 minutes. (At Drustvar, then at Silithus while turning in a ‘champion of azeroth’). I lose my connection to battlenet as well, right after when trying to reconnect (did not happen to me before this).


Same here happens everytime i try to do the love is in the air dungeon, then it bugs for about 10min then im back until i try do the dungeon or open a heart-shaped box :frowning:


Same with me. It started yesterday and I keep getting disconnects for few minutes then it’s back to normal. It happend to me THREE times during m+ runs, I was unable to enter game(kept getting stuck at load bar about 80% and then disconnect), pls fix.


Hey all,

It looks like the connection issues we encountered yesterday morning have since been resolved. If you are still having trouble connecting to World of Warcraft, please do let me know.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


Still having random disconnects. In Boralus, Drustvar and on different characters. Internet is working fine. Just Client decides to go down. “Error” WOW51900319