Contventus - Looking for reliable raiders!


*Who are we?
We are a close group of raiders who wanna progress but also have a good time together during raids and m+ runs!
Progress is important but so is having fun! We are serious when needed! If this sounds like you send us a message!
We wanna create a nice environment for our members to progress in raids and get high M+ keys done as a group.

*When do we raid?
-from 20:20-22:30u SERVER TIME

*What are we looking for?

-Dps players melee and range
-Blood DK
-Reliable players
-Good attitude
-Good attendance


-Know your class, preferably more specs then one so you can switch during fights
-Bring your own flask and pots
-Know the encounters inside out, if you are not sure about something feel free to ask the leaders
-Be 15 mins online before the raid starts
-Install discord
-Working microphone
-Respect the guild rules
-And some good will to progress as a team

*Our Progress

-BOD : 8/9 HC - 1/9 MC


-Add me on bnet so we can have a chat or contact me ingame.


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