Cool mount for a pirate transmog?

I just made this transmog, and I am looking for a mount that looks good with it. The parrots from islands and Freehold are probably the best, but do you have any other suggestions? Preferably easy to get.

Buy the dreadwake Mount from the store

Any ray mount would be a decent fit, too (e.g. the Ankoan Waveray).

Not as much as the parrots or the Dreadwake, though. :thinking:

A goat. Always use a goat. Goats make weird sounds, goats are awesome.

Yaks are good too, odd and big and fluffy, kind of like large goats :smiley:

here you go :slight_smile:

Sea bird similar to the parrots and great for a pirate transmog and less colour-coded for your convenience (and it recently recieved a size upgrade) that doesn’t require as much RNG. Just farm a lot of doubloons, and if you get a parrot in the meantime, you’ll have a parrot.
In terms of ground mounts… Ratstallion. A giant rat for a pirate. That is what I use! But it’s a bit less easy to get.

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