Corpse Runs in SoD

Can we please have more or link spirit healers just as a standard In SoD. There is absolutely nothing immersive or fun about having to corpse run for minutes at a time. Yes it’s a 20 year old game. But you know what. It’s 20 years old can this please get updated.

It’s such an incredible waste of time. It adds no fun. No excitement and if anything just makes me want to shut the game.

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Dont die?

Skill issue


Kill or be killed


Absolute troll response. Double rogue opening on you isn’t a skill issue. Why even respond?

And let’s all agree you have been killed in the middle of STV as an exampl and spent an age running back. What gain is that to any part of the fun of gaming.

I 1v2 rogues on my frostmage

Not my problem

You want a closer graveyard so they can gank you again sooner?

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Have non of you ever had to corpse run from MC/zg/bel/aw/aq/strat/RFD… Basically every single dungeon. Are you all trolling.
Every private server has this changed so it’s hardly rocket impossible. Corpse running is such a collosal time waste and all you saying “git gd” are literally trolling.

You give me even 1 reason a long corpse run is good. Look at the amount of complaints about ashenvale runs that they had to change.

Imagine the STV event if they hadn’t changed it.


Welcome to Classic. Here you die and must face consequences.
If you still want wellfare-raids you can always go back to retail.

This is SOD. if you want classic, please go to classic Era

SOD is still vanilla at its core

We are not, we are just that good. Skill issue.

Sorry to disappoint you, but you should check the forum structure in the top - this is Wow Classic > Season of Discovery.

Yes I’ve played vanilla. I’ve played classic. And dabbled in retail. “If you want welfare go to retail.” They are literally making bfd and gnomeragon corpse Runs 20s or less. So this response is literally stupid.

I’m just saying add more to the world because corpse Runs are LITERALLY a waste of time. Everyone of these responses are daft

They are daft because we dont agree with you?

They are daft because.

“This is SOD, if you want classic play classic era” nothing to do with this.
“If you want welfare raids play retail” SoD level up raids have less than 20 s corpse Runs making this comment pointless and daft.
“We are not, we are just that good, this is a skill issue” what has this got to do with anything?

I’ve actually never stepped into the blizzard forums but come on these responses literally give nothing to this. Add linked spirit healers throughout the world. Instead of the utterly pointless mega runs. Yes this is SoD. Yes it’s based on a classic server. But it’s literally all getting updated in so many aspects.

… which is a silly argument. Following that line you will suggest flying mounts as next improvement :wink:

Even more stupid responses. No flying mounts.
Im suggesting more spirit healers because corpse Runs in this game are stupid. And every single response has been trollinb

I kind of disagree - I do think character death has to have some meaning and consequences. As the game progressed to TBC/LK and on there were more and more GY’s so death became almost meaningless.

That said this is a seasonal server (based on classic) and i’d not be unhappy if they added more GY’s, especially Stonetalon!

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Omg the stonetalon run if you get killed up in the north as a horde player is a full blown… Nah log out moment for me lol

Don’t pay attention to those defending the lack of graveyards. More graveyards were added in later expansions for a reason. Running back is one of those time-wasting mechanics that people can’t realise is a plague on the game. Even with normal population and not-so-frequent deaths it’s too much, let alone with current overpopulated realms.

Deranged sweats who comprise a small percentage of the population and a large percentage of forum dwellers think world PvP is an actual meaningful thing and will not let any improvement in this area, rest assured.

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Corpse run has to be a pain or there is no point in getting ganked in world pvp

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