Corruptions are too strong

After looking at my details damage meters after dungeon tanking, I am forced to wear an int offhand, as guardian druid, over same level agi hand (dps wise) because my rank 1 TD is critting one mob for 135k on average when im tanking and about 14% of my dungeon total dmg. (My rank 1 infinite stars is at 3%)

Rank 1.

This is just insane.

Maybe because agillity makes your ironfur & defensives do more + damage?

If all you care about is damage i feel sorry for your healer

But then again i dont know what levelyou even do, so what do i know

I dont care only about damage, but the 300agi increase is not worth 14% even close when my total agi is 10k

200 agi? are you using a 370 polarm vs a 460 staff or …?

my main hand is 465 agi mace, offhand 475 int

What ilevel is your int offhand vs your agility offhand?

EDIT : sorry that im abit confused, i have only had agility polarms ever drop for me on my druid

The difference between that 1h and 2h is like 500agi , it aint much difference in larger scale , deff or dps wide, especialy when we take in note bonus 6% TD …

I was too at begining, u cant drop 1h as guardian/feral speced, so he doesnt droped it, someone else did and gave it to him as he can still use it, but isnt his prefered wep.


I thought i was retarded and didnt know my main anymore

Nah man its just confusing.

But tbh, i will never run my bear with int off hand + agi main, no matter what.

Triggered in agility

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Is this not blizzards plan to make any class or spec viable only if you have the strongest corruptions?

Bring the corruption not the class.

I’m sticking to levelling some alts until shadowlands. If I level every class there may well be a chance I find at least one spec fun in shadowlands… Which would be one more than in bfa.

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Can you link that agi mace pls?

its strong when it procs. If does not then the price is way too high.

Just open OPs armory.


Thats the base ilvl of it tho

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393dps on that onehander ,that is not good
weapon dmg gives 9 points
and stats give 2-3

yes that is the point. Its not great, but my rank 1 TD is worth 4k dps according to details from overall dungeon data with max crit at 149k

Did u actualy tried to sim it? 1h+off vs 2hand? Like yea TD is strong but wep dmg is something you need as guardian, and if the difference has to be like 2-3kdps in overal it aint worth it

yeah actual sims show about -700dps for single target, and for 2 target or more its over -2k dps if Id use 2h, just due to the td rank 1 since I dont have TD in any other item.

For 10 targets using 2h would be -7k dps