Could life be made easier?

I wanted to drop a few thoughts and things about the current Transmog System. I do collect every item in game (I try to atleast) and there are things that bother me and maybe there is a way that it could be addressed someday.

  1. Wardrobe

We all know, that if we hover over an item in our wardrobe, that we get the information if that item is from a vendor or quest, profession… Sadly, it does not tell us which vendor, which quest or zone if it´s a world drop specific to one.

Is there a way that we could actually get this information, as it is really annoying having to tab out of the game all the time and maybe there are addons that improve the wardrobe, I dont know, but quite often addons also come with a price which is performance, so I would prefer an official solution to it.

  1. Unlocking

So this is a topic that has been discussed a lot and there are pro´s and against it, but when you run a dungeon or raid and the item you were farming for a year drops but you can not unlock it, even though you can equip it, it feels like a hit in your tummy.

It would be great if there would be a system in place, which can overcome this issue. Make it an option at the transmog guy, add a gold sink for it and then let him / her add the item to your account.

This would allow us more flexibility if it comes to running content and it would also take out some gold from the economy.

  1. White items

At D3, we can transmog them, at WOW we can not. Again, there are many white items that are fun and for RP purposes. Add a section to the wardrobe where we can unlock those.
Again, you could add a gold sink if you feel like it, but it would also add some additional value to the economy, as those items could be sold to RP folks then.

  1. Unobtainables

So, here I am with a Vanilla account having a lot of old patterns and items. To me it seems as if there should be an additional chance for removed items. We do know, that old gear does come back sometimes like with the dragons even, or timewalking. Sadly, a lot of old quest gear, doesnt come back.

We do have the chance at Silithius by hitting a button that we can go back in time, why cant we get the same with Chromie? If we use her, why can´t we do the old quests with her pre Cata as well?

I would ofc. limit this to some degree, make it a holiday, make it a short event like timewalking maybe even only allow it during timewalking for a price.

As you can see, this is not asking for freebies, but for additional options. I am sure I am not alone with my passion for collecting things, I honestly feel that this system is always forgotten if it comes to content creation.

Maybe, my thoughts can start something. Cheers!

Don’t forget restriction removal on weapons. Let my 2h user duel wield.

As for unobtainables, I agree with timewalking, unobtainable from certain expansions should be purchasable through timewalking tokens, because after a while. What’s the point of these tokens?

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