Could you Blizzard give an honest feedback?


I wonder what blizzard think about the ideas, thought, suggestions, design philosophy in this video:

Even Asmongold watched it and agreed with everything (or almost everything?) in it.

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Not really matter for customer support. Maybe post at general discussion forums :stuck_out_tongue:

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And certainly not a link to put in a 12+ forum.


12+ handled already by account level @ youtube. That is not my job to think about them it is youtube’s

There is no feedback forum since ages, Im not interested in the views of the “General Players”, Im asking this as a customer from Blizzard. Thus, not a general topic.

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Actually it’s not a 12+ forum. it’s U forum.


Hey Yorime,

I don’t have time to sit through a 21 minute video, so unfortunately will not be able to give you my thoughts on the matter. I can give you my thoughts based on the title of that video though:

“World of Warcraft is Garbage” - I disagree. I enjoy playing World of Warcraft quite a lot.

I understand your request, and thoughts as to why this belongs here (Customer Support forum). Unfortunately it does not belong here though. The Customer Support forum is intended to help players out with issues related to the game/account.

If you want to ask Blizzard, “what do you think about this persons opinion”, use the General Forum where the Community teams can see your thread. Do note that that does not guarantee a response though, responses are never guaranteed.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

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