Court of Stars

Before the second boss, when you fight the 1st add, the 2nd Enforcer already spawns at the exact point. Really hard to fight.

This also results into this 1st add not coming again (I believe she stays where she was). I believe you need to whipe first and try again. Already not a big timer, incl. all the RP parts, this really doesn’t help!

I don’t think this is the way it should work.

So now you know it spawns where the old one is…move…

It caught us twice and now we adapted.


Yeah but I’m with a pug tank. I thouht it spawned after you killed the add, tbh, I don’t recall this from Legion :slight_smile:

Nah, it spawns like 15 sec after the previous one died. In one of the four spawns. Either you fight the miniboss somewhere safe from all spawns or you /pray.

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I personally would taunt it to the middle lane

It is the tank’s job to know how the dungeon works. The lieutenants were not a problem in Legion and are not a problem now. It is a tank problem if he doesn’t know how to position well.

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You need to move enforcer from a spawn spot because you also fight mini boss too.

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right side is never safe. always drag mini boss to graveyard.
its only safe when using class items and enforce is somewhere else already. otherwise a butt pull is guaranteed

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