Covenant Campaign after switching covenants

Hi guys, I got to lvl 60 and picked up my covenant. I did all I could up to farming anima, so all covenant campaign, some mission table stuff and sanctum upgrades.

After doing some content with my friends I changed my mind and decided to switch from Night Fae to Venthyr as it seems not very punishing right now (better to switch now than later).

So I switched, got my abilities from Venthyr and got option to skip quests up to picking my first soulbind. I said to myself - that’s nice, I will not have to do all the WQ again, since I did the callings on Night Fae.

Problem Is that on my Venthyr Capaign I don’t have “Sinfall” progress checked on green as completed, but second chapter - “Torghast” is completed. I don’t have any quest in my Covenant Sanctum as well. Is it that because of skipping to first soulbind I will not be able to finish my Campaign?


I have the same issue. I changed from Kyrian to Night Fae, I had completed chapter 1 of the Kyrian Covenant quests, changed to Night Fae, got the option to skip all the quests, but now I can’t complete chapter 1 (For queen and grove! is the chapter I can’t progress). I also lack a lot of the things that other night fae players have due to this, one of them being access to the command table for free. Hopefully someone gives us some help soon.


I have the same issue as Shizumeii

I chose not to skip, got the questline done but never got given credit for it so I’m still 1/9 with only “Torghast” flagged as completed. Had to farm the anima to unlock everything too.

Same issue here.
Went from Venthyr to Night Fae. 1/9 Torghast is checked (second chapter) but first is not…
I did not skip anything I done all the quests for chapter 1, but still did not unlock.
I have done some stuff in the sanctum even before getting quests… my progress is stuck and character pointless until this is fixed.

I’m having the same issue, ‘For Queen and Grove!’ is showing as incomplete, even though I have completed it. My Night Fae Campaign is showing as 1/9 with only Torghast completed.


Meant to post from my Demon Hunter. I was originally Venthyr and then swapped to Night Fae.

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Same Issue here, I’ve finished every quest in Ardenweald still no chapter one completion.

Same issue over here, farmed a lot of extra anima to be able to get the command table.

Same issue here sadly… I hope it’ll get fixed soon :frowning:

Same issue here. Im Venthyr.
Hope it will be fixed

Changed covenant and still 1/9. I wrote 100 of tickets but they don’t help…

Same issue, switched from necro to night fae. Did chapter 2 and 1 but only chapter 2 is completed. Made a ticket, got generic answer.

We might need to make new character peeps.

Same issue, swapped covenant from Kyrian to Nightfae. First Chapter is still “not completed”.

Ive reported this multiple times and i keep getting the same response of ‘completed and resolved’


Same here. Changed from night fae to kyrian, and first chapter “Among the Kyrian” is not flagged as completed. What sucks is that I cannot use threads of fate in order to level my alts, since I dont have 2/9 chapters story

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Has this been sorted yet because I am still having that problem. Went from Necro to venthyr

Hey Aldorino,

The cause of this issue was fixed so it will no longer happen when switching Covenants.

For players who switched before the fix and still show Chapter 1 as not completed the Game Master team can help. Open a Support Ticket with them for assistance.

There is a Support Article about the issue here.