Covenent Sanctum QoL Suggested Changes

With all the traction account wide posts are getting at the moment, I also want to put forward my suggestion for 9.2.5 changes to add much needed QoL to covenant sanctums as we wrap up SL. These current systems are incredibly unfriendly when it comes to doing them for a second (third, and fourth…) time.

This is coming from the POV of a completionist and altoholic, but I think benefits all players, without trivialising content or taking away from those that already have the items.

All Covenants

  • Introduce BoA currency boxes for exchange of Grateful Offerings and Redeemed Souls between characters (I’d rather both were removed, but let’s assume they won’t be)
  • Allow Grateful Offerings and Redeemed Souls to be purchased with anima or Cosmic flux
  • Prevent table missions cancelling when swapping cov, instead pause when not that covenant to discourage degenerate doing four tables at once
  • Having transport network at rank 3 on at least one covenant adds portal to all others even if not rank 3.
  • I actually think having to fully upgrade all sanctum perks again on each alt with anima is fair, as otherwise would be too easy, but progress within the indiviual progression systems should be much more alt friendly, detailed below:


Ember Court

  • Already quite alt friendly assuming youre best friends with everyone on at least the main. However repeating the quests to get features i’ve already unlocked on my main (who has party herald title) is awful. Court features and unlocks should be account wide.
  • Even greater increased Ember Court rep gain on alts from the exalted BoA item (100% increase)

Transport Network

  • By far my least favourite of all cov minigames. Nothing feels worse than doing all 3 chests for no mog item, especially when this happens 90% of the time. Introduce currency (or even add grateful offerings) to the mirror boxes to give some kind of bad luck protection, and add the transport network gear to the mirror repair kit vendor to buy with said currency once rank 3.

The Avowed

  • Special shout out to this faction, I kind of respect the old school style rep grind, but no way would I do this more than once, suggest rep increase item at exalted.


Abomination Factory

  • I actually think this is ok for alts, other than the fact that you can’t really get anything new until rank 5 (unity). However its easy and doesnt havnt too much busy work outside of the weekly companion quests which are optional. I’d add the ability to be able to buy malleable flesh from a vendor though, as this is the bottleneck.


  • Id make the crypt couture quest account-wide as well, but that’s not cov specific


Path of Ascension

  • Oh boy here we go. Despite the hate this gets, I actually found the version of PoA after 9.1.5 actually quite fun and a good level of challenge. At least doing it on the first character. However, it is appalling for alts of different armor types. having to reunlock the fights, and progress all 40 again on each alt (160 fights) is insane and really unfun. Also the achievements Master of the Path and Disciple of Humility must be made account wide, which would allow alts to buy cosmetics once at rank 5.

Night Fae

Transport Network and Anima Conductor

  • Both these features have an associated rep grind, which I think is fair to have to do again on alts. Especially as you only really need to do the transport network rep on one character for all cosmetics, however a bonus rep item once exalted on main would go a long way to making repeat grinds feel more rewarding and less repetitive.
  • However, please please please Blizzard make soulshapes account wide, I know the feature will disappear in 10.0, so just let me enjoy all creature unlocks on all characters, not just on the alt I got lucky on. Also spending 12k anima on a soulshape for on one char is just BAD.

Anything i’ve missed, or if you disagree, let me know


I think on top of this it’s time to relax the methods of acquisition to match the approaching sunsetting of the expansion. Collecting transmogs, mounts and pets is mostly what I end up doing now outside of RP, and currently I’m working to collect all the leather sets from each covenant. I finished Kyrian and am now on Necrolord, and this’ll be the third week in a row where none of the weekly factory quests offer up a transmog item from the covenant set.

It’s pretty evident that what’s happened here is that the covenant extras have been superseded by the newer content like Korthia and Zereth Mortis, but as anima has become more plentiful the methods of acquisition haven’t been relaxed in tandem. It took me weeks to get half of the anima-touched weapon fragments to buy the Stitchmaster’s Weapons arsenal, and for the other half it took around eight hours of sitting there, clicking Chordy to sniff out some fragments.

That’s shamefully awful design, and while I understand that it’s a relic of when covenant choice was meant to be more weighty, times have changed - we can swap between the covenants with no penalty, so there’s no need to have these excessive grinds.

It’s an identical problem to what you have mentioned with the transport network in Venthyr, and everything you’ve mentioned is an excellent example of the broader problem, that being the philosophy of collectables for the covenants has not kept up with the changes in design philosophy with the rest of the expansion pack. While I think we have disagreements over path of ascension (I still think it’s far too reliant on abusing the environment and bad AI to win some of the end fights) but I’m not even thinking of doing this grind across factions for other armour types. I’ll cherry pick the ones I like, but it’s too much effort for too little gain, sadly.

I commend your effort and hope this gets seen by someone who can do something.