Cross-faction code

I feel like we need an honor code for the low levels.

Earlier I was grinding turtles in Hinterlands near the Horde base.

Foolishly 2 Horde 48 and 49 decided to throw DoTs on me. So of course, I would fight back.

Eventually, I would see them and carry on killing them whilst farming turtles. I would also kill a level 60 mage also farming the turtles.

Other low levels came along to help the warlock and shaman who decided to pick a fight with a level 60, I tried to emote /wait to let them know they were not my targets, but they carried on the fight.

So going forward, would you like us to carry on killing lower level horde when we don’t need to, or would you like us to allow you know it is safe if we do /wait ?

Personally I am happy for a bloodbath, but I also know how painful questing is on alts.

So the choice is yours!

Side note - 57+ you’ll have no mercy, you will be killed.

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If it’s red, it’s dead.


Cant tell what fits in best here; “How do you kill that which has no life?” Or “how do you kill wich never go alone?” :wink:

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maybe try not going alone then?

Easy to say when you play on a high pop horde server. Atleast you can hide :wink:

I try not to gank people more then two times in a row unless they make it personal. I don’t want to world pvp actually but thats the only way to get honor atm.

Ethics for pvp in 2019 :slight_smile:

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