[Cross-Realm][A/H] <Amare Equilibrium> Looking for more for raid and M+

Hello everyone, and welcome to Amare Equilibrium!

We are a cross-faction, cross-realm community/guild that will focus their efforts on AotC and KSM+. You could classify us as semi-hardcore, with extra attention for the social aspect.
We have a guild on Argent Dawn, but we won’t ask you to start fresh or transfer to the server. Most of our communication happens through Discord anyway!
Currently we are looking for poeple to fill our ranks upcomming season 3.

Who are we?

Our name, roughly translated, means “love for balance”. Often times, groups tend to focus on one thing while letting other aspects of the game fall short. How many times we have found ourselves with good players that we can’t really get along with, or a very friendly group who just can’t seem to get their game on?
We aim to blur those boundaries and form a group that can comfortably clear content, while having fun and laugh as we do so.

To create this environment, we believe communication is vital and therefore strongly encourage the use of VC; voice coms (Discord). We understand some of you might be less comfortable with it at first, but understand that we aim to create a safe space that allows you to be yourself, no matter who you are.
This includes people being supportive of the player behind the screen. A listening ear and the possibility to form real friendships with people, even if they would be limited to the online world.

What can we offer each other?

Raiding with a mindset to clear content, but still have fun and laugh! 9/9HC
Raid days (When S3 starts, currently on hiatus due to end of seasons slow): Thursdays and Mondays when
Raid times: 20:00 to 23:00 Server Time.
Current role/class needs: Ranged DPS are currently most pressing

Consistent, organised and spontaneous M+ runs! With KSM as a goal, with the intent on some of us pushing for KSH or even higher.

Other requirements:
Age: 18+
Discord: Be at least able to listen. Having a mic is preferred for easier communication.
S3 Ready: Have or are willing to get around the 430 ilvl mark.

Alright, so what now?

If you’re interested in joining us, want more info, or simply wish to have a chat, you can contact us on:
Discord: manti111 or Inquilab
BNet: Manti#2691 or Inquilab#2831

We hope to see you soon!

Do get in touch in advance of season 3!

Still looking more to join us for S3.

Still recruiting, and we can also offer free cookies and panda hugs. What more do you need?

Still looking for more and I ordered more cookies.

I ate all the cookies, but we are still looking for more (particularly ranged dps).

Still looking for more, ranged DPS still preferred.