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(Saneko) #327

Holy ouch!


:smiley: I’m over the damn moon, added TWO new paragon mounts to my stables,Avenging Felcrusher from Army of the Light and Highmountain Elderhorn from Highmountain and that means i just need to log in on patch day and I will get my infernal <3333


That’s awesome Raz, congrats! :slight_smile:

And g’morning all! The weekend has arrived, hope you all enjoy it! :coffee:


I spoke too early, had one last falcosaur quest to do and that pushed me over the needed amount so 351 mounts now in my stable <3 I just need to build a new wing again to get all the newcomers nicely inside…


Good morning all, have another fantastic day today!


Good morning everyone!


Good morning Youghal !!!

(Shammoz) #335

Good morning all, from a guildless Shammoz. #GuildMeltdown


gets out the prosecco sit down and tell me all about it, all the naughty details.

(Shammoz) #337

Well the guild leader was all like…

And I was like…

And then we…


This must be the gif equivalent of “long story short” :slight_smile:


Love the description Shammoz :wink:

(Shammoz) #340

The power of GIF’s compelled me :slight_smile:

(Ananda) #341

But didn’t s/he just do the new website with all the descriptions?

(Shammoz) #342

Yeah, won’t take him long to change that though.

(Pachimari) #343

Morning everyone!!!

(Shammoz) #344

<—Looks at the clock


8:49AM. Good morning!


Morning you lovely people !


G’morning all, have a great start of the week! :slight_smile::coffee: